Utah Senate president leads humanitarian, trade delegation to Ukraine

Adams says Utah is not giving state money to Ukraine but is making connections.

(Fox 13 News) Utah Senate President J. Stuart Adams speaks to Fox 13 News from Kiev, Ukraine, on May 4, 2023.

Utah State Senate President J. Stuart Adams is in Ukraine, leading a humanitarian and trade mission to the war-torn country.

“War is not a pretty sight and right now I want to stay focused on helping Ukrainian people,” he said in a brief interview with Fox 13 News from Kiev on Thursday.

Sen. Adams is leading a delegation of humanitarian officials, tech company representatives and others for a week in Ukraine. Joining him is Rep. Jordan Teuscher, R-South Jordan.

“We brought 30 individuals, many companies, to try to accomplish two things: One is to try to give some humanitarian aid, which we’ve done,” Adams said. “But also to try to help Ukraine with economic development and give them sustainability and revenue to win the war.”

The Senate president said the state was not giving money to Ukraine, but was facilitating connections. The trip, organized by World Trade Center Utah, included August Mission, To Ukraine With Love and the Malouf Foundation. Silicon Slopes tech companies and other businesses sent representatives as well. Adams said one possible development is Utah tech firms being able to hire Ukrainian tech workers, who need jobs.

Adams said he believes efforts to help Ukraine are worth it.

“You can feel the spirit and the resolve of the Ukrainian people. They’re not cowering. They’re standing up. They’re trying to protect their families, their homes, their fellow citizens. There’s a feeling here of solidarity. It’s hard to explain what is here. I’m proud to stand with them. I’m proud to be here,” he said.

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