Where Utahns can get an abortion after the clinic ban goes into effect

While Planned Parenthood Association of Utah has asked for a hold on the law as part of its ongoing lawsuit against the trigger law, the clinic prohibition is slated to go into effect in May.

(Leah Hogsten | The Salt Lake Tribune) Planned Parenthood Metro Health Center procedure room, Tuesday, May 10, 2022.

Abortion remains legal up to 18 weeks in Utah, but a new law banning clinics — where the vast majority of abortions are given — threatens a de facto ban on terminating pregnancies. That law is scheduled to begin shaping Utah’s reproductive landscape in less than three weeks.

While Planned Parenthood Association of Utah has asked a judge to temporarily block the measure pending its lawsuit challenging an abortion trigger ban, people with positive pregnancy tests are already having to plan for the possibility that termination will no longer be a choice in the Beehive State.

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If you’re one of those people, these are the closest places you can still travel to for an abortion. And if you need financial help, keep in mind that some abortion funds require people to have an appointment at a clinic before giving assistance, and some out-of-state organizations may ask you to first reach out to resources in Utah.

Clinics in neighboring states

Although the future of abortion access in Utah and other states throughout the West is in question, abortion is legal in five of the six bordering states. The closest clinics are a five- to six-hour drive from Salt Lake City.

Here are all of the nearest options:

Help paying for an abortion or travel

While a group of three volunteers runs an abortion fund in Utah, other states have their own abortion funds. Many of them accept requests from people traveling from other states.

If none of those funds have money available, there are numerous national abortion funds that may be able to offer help.

These are the funds helping out in Utah and surrounding states:


Utah Abortion Fund


Cobalt Abortion Fund

Colorado Doula Project


Wild West Access Fund

New Mexico

New Mexico Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

Whole Woman’s Health Abortion Wayfinder Program

The Brigid Alliance

Mariposa Fund (for undocumented people seeking abortions)