Utah GOP makes its pitch for the 2024 Republican National Convention

‘They love the fact that Utah is number one in volunteerism in the country,” Party Chairman Carson Jorgensen said.

Now the waiting begins.

Over the past week, Utah Republican Party officials did their best to woo Republican Party leaders who will decide which city will host the 2024 Republican National Convention.

Party Chairman Carson Jorgensen says they did everything they could to impress the members of the site selection committee, including tours of the city, swanky receptions and helicopter rides.

“They were really struck by how conducive the city is to holding a convention. We got compliment after compliment. I don’t think it could have gone better,” Jorgensen said.

The Utah GOP hosted the site selection committee as part of the Republican National Committee’s winter meetings in Salt Lake City.

Jorgensen said the committee took note of several things that he thinks could put Salt Lake ahead.

“All of the venues are so close, and that’s what they really love about. The volunteer base is another big thing. They love the fact that Utah is number one in volunteerism in the country,” Jorgensen said.

They have to hope they left a lasting impression. The other finalist cities, Nashville and Milwaukee, get their shot at making their pitch in the coming weeks. There are indications the other finalist, Pittsburgh may drop out of the running.

The committee is expected to make its recommendation for the host city sometime soon. The full Republican National Committee is expected to ratify that recommendation at the summer meetings in August.

Jorgensen says his team did everything they could to make Utah the most attractive choice.

“We really knocked it out of the park as far as showcasing the state,” Jorgensen said.