‘The Rundown’: Election audit confusion in Utah County

One county official claims her words are being twisted by those who think the 2020 election was fraudulent

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Confusion over election audits in Utah County

A misunderstanding over election audits could result in disappointment during today’s Utah County Commission meeting.

This post is circulating on several pro-audit right-wing Telegram groups focused on the “big lie” that the 2020 election was fraudulent.

The problem? County Commissioner Amelia Powers Gardner claims she never made that offer and her words are being twisted.

“Nothing I said had anything to do with an audit,” Gardner said during a telephone conversation on Tuesday.

She said a resident had asked her to support an audit of the election but her answer was twisted into something different.

“I said an audit would cost $9 million, which would require a tax increase. If I voted to raise taxes, I said I’d have 2,000 people show up at a meeting to yell at me,” Powers explained.

“Plus, we already did an audit of the election as required by state law,” she added.

It would be strange indeed if Powers were to support an audit of the election since she was the County Clerk who oversaw voting in 2020. She adds she does not believe unfounded claims of a fraudulent election pushed by some on the political right.

“I have full confidence in the election integrity of Utah and full confidence in the results,” Powers said.

This should all come as a surprise to those online users planning on packing the meeting later this afternoon.

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— The Tribune’s Jordan Miller contributed to this report.