Utah’s Mia Love will join ‘The View’

Former Utah representative will be part of rotating cast of conservative co-hosts.

(AP Photo/Rick Bowmer) Former Utah Rep. Mia Love turned CNN political commentator is set to serve as a guest host on ABC's daytime chat show "The View" beginning next week.

Former Utah Rep. Mia Love will join a rotating group of conservative guest hosts on the ABC daytime chat show “The View” when the show returns in September.

Love will help kick off the show’s 25th season next week, filling the seat vacated by Megan McCain, who left the program at the end of last season.

“This is a great platform that reaches quite a few people. This is a chance for me to be open and talk about my point of view and for me to absorb a point of view different than my own,” Love said.

The show is currently the top-ranked daytime talk or news program.

The program is famous for sometimes fiery debates among the co-hosts, especially when the more liberal hosts gang up on conservative voices. In June, McCain and host Whoopi Goldberg almost came to blows over President Joe Biden’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Love, who still lives in Saratoga Springs, says she doesn’t worry that she might be walking into a rhetorical buzzsaw as the lone conservative on stage.

“I’ve been on CNN as the only conservative voice. I’m ready for whatever comes. I’ve been through the wringer,” the 45-year-old said with a laugh.

“But, you have to respect women getting out there and getting their point of view across,” Love added.

A press release from ABC says some of the other high profile conservative women who will rotate in over the coming months include former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, conservative pundit S.E. Cupp, former GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, TV personality Eboni K. Williams and former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson.

Love was hired by CNN as a political commentator following her narrow loss to Democrat Ben McAdams in 2018. She says she’s learned a few important things during the ensuing three years as a TV pundit.

“I’ve learned other people have had experiences that are valid. Everyone is right in their own minds. If you’re your own authentic self instead of just trying to hold on to a talking point, you have an opportunity to widen your sphere of knowledge,” Love said.

Former President Donald Trump mocked her election loss, claiming she “gave me no love” despite claiming Love “called him all the time” asking for help in freeing Utahn Josh Holt, who was imprisoned in Venezuela.

Love delivered a blistering rebuke of Trump when she finally conceded that 2018 race, retorting Trump has “no real relationship, just convenient transactions.” She also tore into the GOP for having a “transactional” relationship with minority voters.

During her time at CNN, Love has continued her criticism of Trump and his Republican supporters. In May, she said Republicans in Congress were spending too much energy trying to show they remain loyal to Trump rather than focusing on issues important to Americans.

Love’s will appear as a guest host on Wednesday and Thursday of next week.