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Another attack mailer seeks to bolster Lee

The Club for Growth PAC has already targeted former Rep. Becky Edwards with at least three attack mailers. Edwards is running for the GOP nomination against incumbent Sen. Mike Lee next year.

Now the group is turning their attention to someone who isn’t even a declared candidate in the race. Ally Isom, the former spokesperson for Gov. Gary Herbert and the LDS Church, is now in the group’s crosshairs.

Club for Growth PAC mailer attacking Ally Isom, who may run against Sen. Mike Lee in 2022.

Club for Growth PAC mailer attacking Ally Isom, who may run against Sen. Mike Lee in 2022.

The mailer slams Isom for her “breakup” with the Republican Party. She renounced her membership in the GOP following the election of Donald Trump in 2016. However, she re-registered as a Republican before the 2020 primary election.

One side of the mailer shows Isom riding in a car with President Joe Biden. The back quotes Isom from a Tribune article where she said she took a “vacation” from the GOP.

It’s worth noting that Lee called on Trump to drop out of the race after the Access Hollywood video surfaced. Lee also voted for independent candidate Evan McMullin over Trump in 2016 before becoming a fervent Trump supporter.

Isom, who says she’s being encouraged to run against Lee next year, took the mailer in stride.

“As a private citizen, I’m flattered they consider me enough of a threat to warrant a hit piece,” she said in a text message.

Club for Growth spokesperson Joe Kildea says they’ve spent about $5,000 so far on the mailers supporting Lee’s re-election campaign.

“We plan to support his election and strongly defend him from false attacks by liberal Republicans and others,” says Kildea.

Why the attack on someone who isn’t even in the race?

“Because she has a terrible record and is considering running,” he says.

Here’s what you need to know for Monday morning

Local news

  • Polling shows almost half of U.S. members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe the “big lie” that the 2020 election was stolen, and nearly a quarter subscribes to the QAnon conspiracy theory. Can Church leaders do anything to change that? [Tribune]

  • Former state Rep. Becky Edwards, who is challenging Sen. Mike Lee for the GOP U.S. Senate nomination next year, says Lee’s politics keep him from compromising on legislation. She also says former President Donald Trump was rightfully impeached. [Tribune]

  • Utah could be the Saudi Arabia of sustainable energy, but it probably won’t embrace that potential. [Tribune]

  • Salt Lake City will offer gender-affirming surgery for employees. [Tribune]

  • An investigation shows suspects in Utah have been bitten by police dogs even after they appear to be surrendering. [Tribune]

  • Longtime state legislator Beverly White died at the age of 92. The Democrat held office for more than two decades. [Tribune]

National news

  • Sen. Joe Manchin is vowing to block the sweeping election overhaul bill pushed by Democrats. He also says he will preserve the filibuster rule. [NYT]

  • Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm warned the U.S. power grid is vulnerable to cyberattack. [CNN]

  • The prospects for President Joe Biden’s agenda are growing increasingly uncertain due to mounting resistance from Senate Republicans. [WSJ]

  • The Supreme Court is racing to finish their work for the session by the end of the month. There are still major decisions on the Affordable Care Act and voting rights still pending. There’s also the possibility that Justice Stephen Breyer may retire. [WaPo]

  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is alleging election fraud as he tries to cling to power. He faces the end of his 12-year tenure as a fragile governing coalition seeks to oust him from office. [Al Jazeera]

  • Vaccination rates across the country are falling off, which may put President Biden’s goal of having 70% of the adult population with at least one dose by July 4 in jeopardy. [WaPo]

  • A federal judge struck down California’s ban on assault weapons as unconstitutional. [The Reload]

  • Pay for workers in the leisure and hospitality sectors have jumped to more than $18 per hour, but that may not be enough to lure many back to the workforce. [Reuters]

  • Jeff Bezos will be on the first crewed flight from his space company Blue Origin. The flight is scheduled for July 15. [CNN]

Monday’s Utah news roundup


  • Hill AFB air show will return in June 2022. [Tribune]

  • For the first time since the pandemic began, Downtown Farmers Market reopens to its normal array of vendors — and crowds. [Tribune]

  • Black Success Center launches soon to help Utah entrepreneurs find mentors, resources. [KUTV]

  • Dee Smith, Weber County attorney and former Utah AG candidate, has died. [KSL]

  • Gov. Cox explains call for prayers during drought after criticism over inaction. [KSL]


  • Bear capture illuminates dark side of pursuing wildlife with dogs for ‘sport’. [Tribune]

  • Oljato-Monument Valley Trading post named an endangered historic site. [Tribune]

  • Haaland submits Utah monument report to White House. [Tribune]


  • Moab police officer under investigation resigns. [FOX13]


  • LGBTQ birding group helps queer Utahns find community in the outdoors. [Tribune]

  • ‘This is special’: How organizers seized the chance to reimagine Pride Week. [Tribune]


  • COVID-19 cases rise following Memorial Day holiday. [Tribune]

  • Adult vaccination rates in Utah exceed national average. [Tribune]

  • Weber-Morgan Health Department vaccinating at its offices, phasing out WSU clinics. [Standard Examiner]

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