‘Utah Politics’ podcast: Evan McMullin on foreign election interference and QAnon

(Alex Gallivan/Special to the Tribune) Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin speaks at a rally in Draper, Friday, Oct 21, 2016

On the Friday edition of the “Utah Politics” podcast, we’re joined by Evan McMullin.

McMullin was a presidential candidate in 2016. He captured nearly 22% of the vote in Utah just four years ago. He is now the executive director of Stand Up Republic, a nonprofit dedicated to government reforms. He’s also a frequent guest on cable news programs discussing national security issues.

McMullin joins host Bryan Schott to discuss the impact foreign interference might have on the 2020 election, how QAnon has oozed into the mainstream of Republican politics, and why he has endorsed Democrat Joe Biden for president even though he was a lifelong Republican.

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