Sen. Mike Lee warns of big changes if Democrats win the election

(Screengrab: Grabien) Sen. Mike Lee appears on "Fox and Friends" on Oct. 1, 2020

Sen. Mike Lee warned Thursday if Democrats win the election in November, taking control of the White House and Senate, they’ll move quickly to change the power structure to put Republicans at a disadvantage.

“They’ll violate the rules of the Senate to get rid of the longstanding rule in order to get to a final vote you’ve got to have 60 votes. They’ll take that down to a simple majority,” said Lee during an appearance on “Fox and Friends.”

Currently, 60 votes are needed in the Senate to end debate on most legislation, but only a simple majority is needed for nominations.

Lee also told host Brian Kilmeade he’s fearful other changes are on the horizon if Democrats take control after November.

“They’ll add at least a couple of states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, giving them four additional Democratic seats in the United States Senate. Then they’ll probably pack the Supreme Court, as Joe Biden himself refused to dispute the plan to do that on national television just the other night,” he said.

Progressives have responded to the GOP rush to fill the Supreme Court seat vacated by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg by calling for Democrats to increase the number of justices from nine to perhaps 15. Republicans have accused Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, of being in favor of the plan, but he is on record as opposing the court-packing idea as well as getting rid of the filibuster in the U.S. Senate. Though Biden did refuse to answer the Supreme Court question in Tuesday’s debate. Biden has said he does favor giving statehood to Washington, D.C.

“What happens is once you set in motion this sequence of events, you can go decades with one-party rule under a party that’s given itself increasingly to the far-left socialist agenda," Lee said. “It’s going to change our economy and in ways that we should find very distressing.”