‘Utah Politics’ podcast: Negative ads, Mike Lee for Supreme Court and waiting for the COVID spending audit

Utah Politics with Bryan Schott

Spencer Stokes of Stokes Strategies joins host Bryan Schott to discuss this week’s top Utah political news.

Ads both for and against Republican Burgess Owens start airing in the 4th Congressional District race. We discuss how outside groups are working to define who Owens is in the minds of voters.

Sen. Mike Lee remains on President Donald Trump’s list of possible Supreme Court Nominees. Lee also tees off on KSL.com for being too liberal and suggesting the LDS Church should sell the news outlet.

Everyone is waiting for the audit of the state’s emergency coronavirus spending, but will it have an effect on Spencer Cox’s campaign for governor?

Plus, the massive windstorm that ripped through Utah, Trump vs. Mitt Romney and what happens in Park City doesn’t stay there.

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