The Riverton City Council has selected a new city manager out of a pool of 90 applicants.

David R. Brickey will fill the position after working as West Jordan’s city manager for 2 1/2 years. Brickey’s former position was somewhat in limbo, as West Jordan residents voted to change their form of government to a strong mayor system in November 2017, eliminating the city manager role. That change took effect in January of this year and Dirk Burton was elected mayor.

“We are glad to have [Brickey] on board and know his great experience will help achieve the strategic priorities and execute the policy determined by the elected officials,” Riverton Mayor Trent Staggs said in a news release.

Brickey’s resume also includes two years as West Jordan’s city attorney, 10 years as the Summit County attorney and eight years as Iron County chief deputy attorney. In his new city manager role, Brickey will oversee 167 full-time city employees and an executive team of 10 department heads.

The City Council approved the employment contract, which includes a $175,000 salary, in a unanimous vote on May 19.