Herriman City Council bans discharging weapons in city limits

The Herriman City Council passed an ordinance prohibiting the discharge of firearms and archery equipment within city limits with a few exceptions.

The council met electronically Wednesday and passed the ordinance easily with little discussion after a brief presentation by Herriman Public Works Director Justun Edwards.

Under Utah law, hunting is allowed on most public lands. So, cities are trying to find ways to balance protecting their residents while not infringing totally on the rights of hunters. Cities are left to regulate hunting on their own because it is protected by state law.

According to Edwards, the exceptions in the ordinance were made after extensive public comment. Discharging firearms within city limits is prohibited except at licensed shooting ranges, as part of police training, at shooting clubs and for wildlife agents acting within their authority to control the deer population.

Shotguns are also exempt from this rule but shooters are restricted to using #4 shot or smaller in authorized hunting areas. Also exempt are shootings in self defense or protection of property.

The issue of hunting in public lands recently came under scrutiny in Summit County after two cow elk were shot and killed near a heavily trafficked Park City trail system. Officials investigated the incident for possible poaching because the elk were left on the trail and not taken for meat.