$545 million available in Utah’s unclaimed property trove

(Mark Lennihan | AP file photo) This April 3, 2019, file photo shows a tip box is filled with U.S. currency in New York. There's lots of money, including uncashed checks, coins and art, available in the state of Utah's unclaimed property account. Check mycash.utah.gov

Have you checked the state’s unclaimed property website lately? You should.

The Unclaimed Property Division took in $56.4 million in lost or abandoned property at the end of last year, adding to the existing stockpile that now totals $544.6 million, says State Treasurer David Damschen.

Comprised largely of uncashed checks, safe deposit contents, unpaid insurance benefits or dormant bank accounts, the money is available for rightful owners to claim.

“We encourage Utahns to check mycash.utah.gov every year as they file their taxes to see if they have lost property to claim,” Damschen said Thursday in a news release. “We receive tens of millions of dollars in new unclaimed property each year, so the odds are good that you, a relative, or friend have unclaimed property, even if you haven’t in the past.”

In addition to money, the Division’s vault contains such items as coins, baseball cards, art and photographs — all of which are periodically sold at auction, with proceeds remaining in the unclaimed property account.

For more information and to search property, visit mycash.utah.gov or call 801-715-3300.