Salt Lake City GREENbike now rents electric-assist cycles at no extra cost

(Photo courtesy of GREENbike) New electric motor-assisted bikes are available for rent in Salt Lake City at the same price as classic bikes.

Salt Lakers may now rent new electric-motor, pedal-assist GREENbike bicycles at no extra cost.

The bike-share system has added 50 of those e-bikes, which may be checked out and returned to any of GREENbike’s 34 stations in the city.

“Adding e-bikes to our fleet makes our system accessible to new types of users,” GREENbike Vice Chairwoman Amanda Smith said in a news release. “Now people can ride longer distances or go up hills without breaking a sweat. But riders will still be burning calories when they pedal, which is important to us.”

The new e-bikes are pedal assist, meaning the electric assist motor will only engage when riders pedal. The more “pedal power” provided, the more electric assistance the bike with provide — with up to 250% assistance.

The new e-bikes are easily identified with bright white paint and lighting-bolt icons on the frame.

The e-bikes are available for rent at the same price as the classic GREENbikes: $7 for a 24-hour access pass or $75 for an annual pass.

“The average Utah household is spending nearly 30% of its budget on transportation while low-income households are spending closer to 40%. We hope that by offering new products and keeping our prices low, we can get even more people our of their cars and on a bike,” said GREENbike Executive Director Ben Bolte.

A list of GREENbike locations may be found through the Bcycle app or online at greenbikeslc.org.