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Many Central Americans fleeing violence and economic crisis are looking toward countries like Belgium, Italy and Spain for refuge instead of the United States. The distance may be greater, but many find the journey is safer and cheaper than paying smugglers to travel through Mexico. They also believe European authorities are more tolerant. [NYTimes]

Topping the news: In what could spark yet another abortion law battle, state Rep. Jennifer Dailey-Provost seeks to change part of a new law that allows abortion after 18 weeks in cases of rape — but only if the rape had been reported to law enforcement. She wants to do away with the reporting requirement. [Trib]

-> The Salt Lake Tribune looks at which Utah areas are considered to be among the hardest to count in America for the upcoming census because of poverty, immigration and language challenges — and how officials are looking to address that. [Trib]

-> Sen. Mitt Romney tells an annual policy conference he created for national leaders in Park City that President Trump is taking the wrong approach in dealing with China. [Trib]

Tweets of the day: From @peterwsinger “Every so often I think about how strange it is that The Dixie Chicks suffered greater career punishment for being right about the Iraq War than any pundit or politician did for being wrong on it…"

-> From @Joeingles7 “Can someone send @spidadmitchell a world clock so he doesn’t FaceTime me at 2am” From @spidadmitchell (replying) “Wanted to catch up on your summer”

-> From @JohnWDean “Would someone get Trump a dog. He needs a friend so he won’t endlessly vent on Twitter. He’s uninterested in government and policy. He doesn’t read. He doesn’t exercise. He has no real friends. A dog might save humankind. Admittedly, it a lot to ask of a dog. But help is needed.”

Happy Birthday: to Chris “Sully” Sullivan of Georgia Sen. Johnny Isakson’s office

In other news: Cliven Bundy, who led a standoff with federal officials in 2014, tell the Utah Independent American Party convention that even the most strident critics of federal land management have become complicit in what he calls government overreach. [Trib]

-> Sen. Mike Lee is pushing to expand educational opportunities for imprisoned people with a bill that would make them eligible for federal financial aid [Trib]

-> In tiny Brighton, 1 out of ever 22 residents filed to run for local office. If Salt Lake City had the same ratio, 9,200 people would be on the ballot. [Trib]

-> Salt Lake City emergency responders have new protocols to help them help women who have been choked by a partner because victims who have suffered non-fatal strangulation are at a high risk of further violence in the future [Trib]

-> A Utah family has shared their story of raising an intersex child. [APViaTrib]

-> The Salt Lake City Police Department hopes to replace old patrol cars with more environmentally friendly alternatives [Fox13]

-> Anti gun-violence groups rallied over the weekend [DNews]

-> Sen. Mitt Romney says he may never endorse President Donald Trump for reelection. [DNews]

-> Utah researchers have found that access to dental care can help people overcome drug addictions [DNews]

Nationally: Even though he reached a deal to avoid his threatened tariffs on products from Mexico, President Trump dangled the prospect of renewing the tariff threats on Sunday if it doesn’t comply with vows to help stop illegal immigration by Central Americans. [APviaABC]

-> The Transportation Department under Secretary Elaine Chao designated a special liaison to help with grant applications and other priorities from her husband Sen. Mitch McConnell’s state of Kentucky, paving the way for grants of at least $78 million there as McConnell prepared to campaign for reelection. [Politico]

-> Leaders of G-20 countries expressed concern about the impacts of the trade war between the United States and China on the global economy [WSJ]

-> U.S. factories are slowing production because of decreased consumption in recent months [WSJ]

-> The State Department has been denying requests by foreign embassies to hoist pride flags, but some diplomats have been flying the rainbow flag anyway [WaPo]

-> The U.S. Air Force granted a Sikh airman a religious accommodation to wear a turban and keep his hair and bear unshorn. [WaPo]

-> Two Vietnamese brothers who wanted to come to the United States to donate bone marrow to their dying brother were denied visas [SFChronicle]

-> Jurors will resume deliberations Monday in the case of Scott Warren, an Arizona man standing trial for human smuggling after giving undocumented migrants directions and medical attention. [Tucson]

-> President Trump has spent $106 million in taxpayer money on golf [HuffPost]

-> The White House attempted to stop a senior State Department intelligence analyst from discussing climate science in congressional testimony [NYT]

-> Joe Biden is leading in polls as democratic candidates compete in Iowa [Reuters]

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-- Lee Davidson and Sara Tabin