How many local governments does Utah have? Census Bureau counts 619.

(Jeremy Harmon | Tribune file photo) The Salt Lake City Hall on June 28, 2018.

The U.S. Census Bureau is known for counting people. But on Thursday, it also released a census of all the local governments in America.

It found that in 2017, Utah had 619 local governments — from counties to cities, school districts, water districts, cemetery districts and more. Of course, all of them collect taxes and/or fees.

Back in 1942 — more than 75 years earlier — Utah had a mere 303 such local governments.

For the record, here is what the latest census of local governments found for Utah:

• 29 counties. Salt Lake County is the largest with 1.15 million people; Daggett is the smallest with 980.

• 250 cities and towns, ranging in population from 194,000 in Salt Lake City to 15 in Scofield, Carbon County.

• 41 school districts.

• 98 water and/or sewer districts.

• 45 cemetery districts.

• 41 soil and water conservation districts.

• 21 drainage and flood control districts.

• 19 housing and community development districts.

• 18 health districts.

• 12 fire protection districts.

• 10 parks and recreation districts.

• Four highway districts.

• 31 other districts.