Happy Tuesday!

President Donald Trump’s administration is back on the attack against the Affordable Care Act, squarely weighing in on the side of a Texas judge’s ruling that would strike down the entire health-care law. In new court filings, the Justice Department said it would not fight the district court decision on appeal. This shift on the part of the administration — if its position prevails in higher courts — could strip away health care for millions and void the expansion of Medicaid in most states. [CNN] [WaPost]

Topping the news: Gov. Gary Herbert signed 119 bills on Monday, including one to outlaw abortions after 18 weeks of gestation, assuring a legal challenge. He also signed legislation delaying the effective date of all future voter-approved ballot measures to give the Legislature time to change them. His one veto was a bill aimed at limiting voter participation in special election candidate nominations. [Trib] [Fox13] [DNews]

-> A group of medical marijuana supporters took to the state Supreme Court on Monday to ask justices to restore the original voter-approved initiative. [Trib] [Fox13] [KUTV2] [DNews]

-> One bill signed by the governor will wipe out an obsolete statute that outlawed sodomy and adultery. [Fox13]

-> Rep. Phil Lyman, R-Blanding, is floating a possible three-way split of San Juan County — one that puts most of the area’s majority Navajo population into one county. [Trib]

Tweets of the day: @Comey: “So many questions.”

-> @StephenAtHome: “Turns out the real collusion was all the friends we made along the way.”

-> @tribjazz: “Jimmer checks in and the crowd goes wild ... presumably cuz they’ve seen him play defense before and are anticipating the Jazz lead expanding.”

Birthdays: Happy birthday to former Gov. Jon Huntsman, former Rep. Jason Chaffetz and former Salt Lake County District Attorney Lohra Miller.

In other news: Business entrepreneur Dave Bateman likely saved the Utah Republican Party from bankruptcy but he keeps pushing an issue that has deeply fractured the ruling party. [Trib]

-> In court documents, Rep. Phil Lyman questions whether U.S. Attorney for Utah John Huber and federal prosecutor Allison Moon have a political vendetta against him for attempting to raise his monthly restitution for leading an ATV protest on protected public lands. [DNews]

-> Utah is shopping for electronic systems to verify eligible patients and track every plant grown for the new medical marijuana law. [Trib]

-> The ACLU of Utah and the state Department of Corrections have asked a federal judge to push back legal deadlines in the lawsuit over prisoner abuse in the now-closed Daggett County Jail. [Fox13]

-> Death row inmate Douglas Carter will get a new hearing on his appeal following claims of compromised testimony in the state’s case for the 1985 murder of Eva Olesen in Utah County. [Trib] [Fox13]

-> The University of Utah has named its first female dean: Elizabeth Kronk Warner. [Trib]

-> A gaping hole on an 1-15 bridge near 800 South was repaired overnight Sunday and early Monday by UDOT crews who blamed the ravages of an especially wet winter. [Fox13] [ABC4]

Nationally: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has blocked a resolution, passed unanimously in the House, calling for the public release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation report. [Hill]

-> The Southern Poverty Law Center, a powerhouse legal advocacy organization, is beset by internal problems — including allegations of sexual harassment and racism — amid the firing of its most noted civil-rights attorney and the resignations of other top execs. [NYTimes]

-> Michael Avenatti, best known as the attorney for Stormy Daniels, has been arrested and charged with attempting to extort Nike. [NYTimes] [WaPost]

-> A marijuana legalization effort pushed by the governor and other supporters has collapsed in New Jersey. [NYTimes]

-- Dan Harrie and Sahalie Donaldson