Political Cornflakes: So many falsehoods fly in today’s politics that 'Four Pinocchios’ just aren’t enough

A woman holding a baby peers through the U.S. border fence as she tries to reach a point where scores of migrants have been crossing in recent days, now blocked by private security, in Playas de Tijuana, Mexico, Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2018. Legal groups argue that federal law states that immigrants can apply for asylum no matter how they enter U.S. territory. (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

Fact-checkers at The Washington Post create a new “Bottomless Pinocchio” designation for repeated dishonesty. A Tribune analysis indicates Democrats may be getting shortchanged on their representation in the Utah Legislature. And the things that make Legacy Parkway unique may be disappearing.
Happy Monday. One industry that President Donald Trump has unquestionably spurred to full employment is news media fact-checking. In fact, The Washington Post on Monday announced a new category in its fact-checking, “the Bottomless Pinocchio.” The Post explained that its previous worst designation -- a Four Pinocchio -- just wasn’t sufficient to describe the level of dishonesty that is reflected in some of the president’s false claims repeated over and over. One example: Trump’s campaign promise to build a border wall. In fact, it hasn’t happened. [WaPost]
Topping the news: A Tribune analysis shows a significant gap between the percentage of votes won by Democrats in recent legislative elections and the seats they captured — a disparity that could indicate gerrymandering. [Trib]
-> Salt Lake County’s population is now minority Mormon. Some 48.91 percent of residents are LDS, marking the smallest percentage since at least the 1930s. [Trib]
-> Recently ousted Republican Rep. Mia Love said on national television on Friday that President Donald Trump is not racist, but Democrats are. [Trib]
Tweets of the Day: From @joshgondelman: “My pettiest conspiracy theory is that I don’t believe pilots when they say they’re flying faster because of the wind.”
-> From @ConanOBrien: “Aaa yes, that time of year again when we all break out the word ‘Tis.”
-> From @Sam_Baker: “Some people who should rethink their beards: Jack Dorsey LeBron James Ted Cruz. This has been the beard update. Thank you.”
In other news: Utah’s Legacy Parkway is a unique freeway which doesn’t allow trucks, limits speed to 55 mph, and has rubberized pavement designed to dampen sound for environmental protection purposes. In January 2020, these restrictions will end without legislative action. [Trib]
-> The Herriman City mayor won’t face any criminal charges for his alleged “unauthorized spending,” but the city isn’t ready to forget his actions. A meeting will be held Wednesday to discuss Mayor David Watts’ spending. [Trib]
-> Rep.-Elect Ben McAdam’s campaign staff was promised a combined $80,000 in bonuses if he won the midterm election. Thus far the payments are listed as “owed” but not yet paid. [Trib]
-> The last vestiges of a polygamist sect of was evicted from its meetinghouse in Colorado City, Ariz., on Thursday. The owner of the property said it would like to reallocate the use of the building to benefit the entire community. [Trib]
-> Rep. Mia Love outspent Rep.-Elect Ben McAdams by $2.2 million in her re-election bid. [DNews]
-> Utahns are hunting for solutions to the air quality problem, calling for collaboration and allocating significant funds to addressing it. [DNews][KUTV]

-> The Salt Lake Valley has two new air quality monitors, one in Murray and one in Magna. [KSL]
-> A Midvale neighborhood is upset about a surge in crime and vandalism — something they blame on transients being attracted to 32 empty houses vacated for a planned transportation project. [KUTV]
-> Tribune columnist Robert Gehrke described George H.W. Bush’s kindness in a note he wrote for a Utah girl, referencing it for what it says about politics today. [Trib]
-> Pat Bagley illustrates lawmaking the Utah Way. [Trib]
Nationally: Top House Democrats say President Donald Trump faces the real prospect of impeachment or, once he leaves office, indictment, if its proven that he directed hush payments to women who said they had extramarital affairs with him. [APviaTrib]
-> Whether a sitting president can be indicted is a matter of dispute. [AP]
-> Former FBI Director James Comey says Americans should use every breath they have to end the lies in January 2021 and elect a new president. [CNN]
-> Tourists are loving U.S. national parks to death, swarming wild places that used to be lonely and serene. [GuardianviaTrib]
President Trump said he plans to nominate William Barr as his next attorney general, taking over for Jeff Sessions some time in the next few months. Barr was attorney general under President George H.W. Bush. [BloombergviaTrib][Fox13][NYTimes][CNN]
-> Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson described President Donald Trump to be “undisciplined,” fond of doing illegal things, and averse to reading. [WaPostviaTrib][NYTimes][BBC][CNN]
-> Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke is emerging as a prominent wildcard in the 2020 presidential primaries, which currently lacks a Democratic frontrunner. [NYTimes]
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-- Dan Harrie and Cara MacDonald
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