Federal judge recommends ending probation for newly elected state lawmaker Phil Lyman

Leah Hogsten | The Salt Lake Tribune Phil Lyman, a San Juan County commissioner is tired of waiting for the Bureau of Land Management to determine whether to allow ATVs back into Recapture Canyon, April 26, 2014, and has spearheaded a May 10, 2014 ATV ride throughout the canyon to protest the BLMÕs lack of leadership and decision making. While BLMÕs Utah office would not comment on LymanÕs protest ride, a spokeswoman said the agency is still working on an environmental assessment analyzing potential impacts. The BLM expects to release it for public review and comment summer 2014.

Incoming Utah House Rep. Phil Lyman should be off his federal probation in mid December, shortly before he takes office to represent southeastern Utah.

A federal judge has recommended a Dec. 17 end date to Lyman’s court-ordered supervision, according to a report by FOX 13.

Lyman, a former San Juan County commissioner, was convicted of a misdemeanor after protesting federal road regulations in 2014 by riding in an ATV through an area the government had closed. Lyman and others objected to the decision to shut down access through that part of Recapture Canyon.

While Lyman still owes nearly $90,000 in restitution, the U.S. Attorney’s Office approves of letting him pay it off in $100-per-month installments, stated a report filed in U.S. District Court.

Voters this week elected Lyman to fill the House seat now held by retiring Utah Rep. Mike Noel. Lyman has vowed to raise his concerns with public lands and access issues when he assumes his state post in January.

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