The Federal Elections Commission has cited 3rd Congressional District candidate James Singer’s campaign committee for failing to file a financial disclosure report by the federally-mandated deadline of Oct. 25.

His was one of 12 campaigns the commission cited for not submitting its 12-day pre-general election report, which should include financial activity from Oct. 1 through Oct. 17.

“The Commission notified committees involved in 2018 elections of their potential filing requirements on October 1, 2018,” according to a statement on the FEC website. “Those committees that did not file by the due date were sent notification on October 26, 2018, that their reports had not been received and that their names would be published if they did not respond within four business days.”

Singer told The Salt Lake Tribune that he’s aware of the missed deadline and is working to get that report in. But it’s been “slow going,” he said, due to limited campaign resources.

“It’s a skeleton crew, we’ll just call it that,” he said. “We’ve got limited resources and we’ve just been focusing on some other stuff.”

He said he expects the disclosure will be filed within the next few days.

Singer, a Navajo, millennial and sociology professor, is running against incumbent Republican Rep. John Curtis, who polls show has a sizable 54-point lead in the race.

If elected, Singer has said he would bring “a fresh new perspective” desperately lacking in Washington, D.C., and would advocate for stronger safety nets and populist policies. Curtis, who is seeking his first full term in office, has espoused a different view of the scope and role of government, backing states’ rights and limited government.

The FEC said in a statement on its website that further action against those who had filed their disclosure late would be decided on a case-by-case basis but that federal law gives it the ability to initiate enforcement and assess financial penalties.