Political Cornflakes: President Trump releases attack ad that rivals the notorious Willie Horton hit piece of 1988 for racial fearmongering

A man holds up a stroller as hundreds of migrants hitching a ride accommodate themselves on the back of truck, between Niltepec and Juchitan, Mexico, Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2018. The group is already significantly diminished from its estimated peak at over 7,000-strong. (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

Racial attack ad released in the runup to the midterm elections. Anti-marijuana initiative forces spent $250K on their opposition campaign just before a truce was announced. And practical advice on how to stop getting all those Love-McAdams robocalls.

Happy Thursday. President Donald Trump’s campaign has produced and the president tweeted out the most racially charged political ad since the notorious Willie Horton attack ad of the 1988 election. The web video portrays the northward-bound caravan of Central American migrants as “invaders” aided by Democrats and infiltrated by criminals and cop killers. Democrats responded that it was fearmongering at its worst and a sign of desperation. [CNN]

Topping the news: Want to stop those obnoxious robocalls and flyers from Mia Love and Ben McAdams? Cast your ballot already. [Trib]

-> Navajos hope this election they can cast off the long shadow of disenfranchisement and gerrymandering in southeast Utah’s San Juan County. [TribviaGuardian]

-> President Trump’s shrinking of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument may have exposed troves of buried dinosaur fossils to the threat of energy development. [Trib]

Tweets of the Day: From @kumailn: “Voting is so important. It’ll make you feel important and better than everyone. Do it.”

-> From @Mikel_Jolette: “Louder for the people in the back. TRUMP DOES NOT HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION BY EXECUTIVE ORDER.”

-> From @aedwardslevy: “Takes I've seen in the last five minutes, in no particular order:-Polls are showing a late swing toward Democrats-Polls are showing a late swing toward Republicans”

Happy Birthday: to Salt Lake County Councilwoman and Senate candidate Jenny Wilson and Peter Urban.

Trib Talk: The Salt Lake Tribune’s owner and publisher, Paul Huntsman, joined reporter Benjamin Wood to talk about why the Tribune’s editorial board endorsed Mitt Romney and Mia Love. They also explored Huntsman’s reasons behind doing endorsements and how the paper goes about making these decisions. [Trib]

Trib Caucus: Check out this new online conversation among The Tribune’s best and brightest political reporters and writers where they try out their new comedy routines and discuss their hot takes on the midterms — including their views/predictions on the 4th District. [Trib]

In other news: On the eve of pro- and anti- medical marijuana initiative forces joining hands behind a compromise bill last month, opponents dumped $250,000 into their campaign against Prop 2. [Trib]

-> A “Herculean effort” has been made in the rapidly growing Silicon Slopes area of Lehi to help deal with traffic congestion, says UDOT, as it opens a new bridge today. [Trib][ABC4]

-> Salt Lake County sheriff candidates Justin Hoyal and Rosie Rivera have surprising similarities — they both have long law-enforcement backgrounds and they tend to agree on the problems that need to be addressed in the immediate future. [DNews]

-> Lehi City released a letter saying that it found no significant health risks due to particulate matter air pollution from mining at the Point of the Mountain, but it has created a committee to monitor the operation. [DNews]

-> A survey is being distributed by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to solicit citizen opinions on how the state is doing running liquor stores. [Fox13]

-> Rideshare giants Uber and Lyft are offering free rides for Election Day. [DNews]

-> Voters are being asked to approve some $600 million in school bonds statewide for local school districts — nearly half of that for Nebo School District. [Fox13]

-> Pat Bagley illustrated President Trump’s best people. [Trib]

Nationally: President Donald Trump announced that he will be pushing forward with his attempt to end birthright citizenship one way or another, saying that ultimately the matter will need to be decided by the Supreme Court. [WaPostviaTrib][NYTimes][BBC][CNN][Fox]

-> The Trump Administration has been pushing to impose sanctions on Iran, with the full effect kicking into motion Monday. [NYTimes]

-> U.S. Marines practiced military exercises motivated by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, making the term “cold war” take on a new meeting as the troops engaged in cold-weather warfare practices and braved frigid cold. [NYTimes]

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