Hollywood’s new show: Flipping the House (of Representatives). Love’s campaign to reallocate funds after FEC notice. Romney, Wilson’s take on federal lands.

Happy Tuesday. Hollywood has always been, at least in modern times, a hot-bed of Democratic fund-raising. But this year, it’s turned up a few notches. Hollywood’s fervor for this year’s midterm elections rivals that of recent presidential campaigns, according to Democratic donors and strategists in the Los Angeles area who say the energy is driven by a belief that a Democratic-controlled House can serve as a powerful check on President Trump. [WaPost]

Topping the news: Mia Love’s campaign raised more than a million dollars for a primary election that never happened. The Federal Election Commission raised questions about the donations and Love’s camp says it will reallocate most of the money to the general election. [Trib][Fox13][DNews][KUTV]

-> Republican Senate candidate Mitt Romney and Democratic candidate Jenny Wilson have vastly different views on public lands and their importance to Utah. Take a look at the their positions. [Trib]

Tweets of the day: From @markknoller: “A large American flag is displayed on the side of the Pentagon this morning, to mark the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. VP Pence and DefSec Mattis take part in a ceremony there this morning & will observe a moment of silence at 937AM, the moment Flight 77 hit the building.”

Happy Birthday: to former Taylorsville City Council member Dama Barbour.

In other news: Two Utahns charged with fraud in federal court also have ties to Turkey, polygamy and the Robert Mueller investigation. [Trib]

-> Following four days of Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Utah senators Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch predicted that he will be a Supreme Court justice by the end of the month and accused Democrats of engaging in “theatrics” that were ultimately ineffective. [DNews]

-> A federal judge has set a hearing this week on a motion by tribes and environmental groups that argue the government should notify them if there’s any mining claim action within the boundaries of the original Bears Ears National Monument. [Trib]

-> Electric Bird and Lime scooters are booming in Salt Lake City -- but so are scooter-related injuries. [Trib]

-> Pat Bagley offers his take on Utah welcoming people, political corruption included. [Trib]

Nationally: The Trump administration has taken a new, strong stance with the International Criminal Court and Palestinian Liberation Organization in an aggressive move by John Bolton, Trump’s national security advisor. [NYTimes][BBC][WSJ]

-> United Nations Secretary General António Guterres scolded world leaders for not fulfilling the promises they made in the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. He urged them to start taking action to reduce climate change and global emissions before it’s too late. [NYTimes]

-> Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have set a date for a second Trump-Kim summit. Their correspondence was described as “warm," and White House officials believe that despite setbacks with North Korea in the past few months a deal between the two leaders might be reached. [WSJ][Politico][WaPost]

-> Trump falsely claimed via Twitter that the GDP rate is higher than the unemployment rate for the first time in over 100 years. [WSJ][NYTimes]

-> Trump’s critiques of Bob Woodward’s book about his administration are consumed with contradictions. Despite claiming that the book is a work of fiction and that its author is a liar, he is livid with members of his Cabinet for “leaking” information. [Politico]

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-- Thomas Burr and Cara MacDonald