Meet the guys who tape up Trump’s shredded documents. Utah’s members of Congress say it’s time for immigration reform. Love blasts McAdams for taking donations from the Olympia housing project.

Happy Tuesday. President Donald Trump has a habit of ripping up papers after he’s done with them. And that’s a big problem because U.S. law requires presidential paperwork to be archived and preserved for history. So meet the guys whose job it is to tape up the shredded leftovers. [Politico]

Topping the news: Utah members of the U.S. Congress say immigration reform is needed to end the process of separating migrant children from their parents at the border. [Trib]

-> Rep. Mia Love took to Facebook to accuse her opponent, SL Co. Mayor Ben McAdams, of taking donations from a controversial developer of the Olympia housing project in southwest Salt Lake. [Fox13]

-> Love appears to be distancing herself from President Donald Trump as she prepares for a re-election battle against McAdams. [NationalReview]

-> In wake of recent mass shootings, health care providers across the state are offering first-aid classes, including lessons on compressing and packing wounds and using tourniquets. [Trib]

Tweets of the day: From @petridishes: "why do I feel 100% convinced that in a few hours a translator is going to have to slowly and painstaking retell Donald Trump’s electoral college victory”

-> From @senatorshoshana: "I feel like Dennis Rodman crying on CNN is one of those things someone from the future will be sent back in time to stop”

-> From @jfreewright: "Dennis Rodman on CNN. My 12 year-old daughter walks in. ‘Who is that guy?’ ‘Can’t even explain it to you right now, lady. Gimme a sec.’“

Happy Birthday: To former Senate President Michael Waddoups and Taylorsville City engineer John Taylor.

In other news: Mayor McAdams and South Salt Lake Mayor Cherie Wood were among those who met to break ground on a multimillion-dollar development to the S-Line streetcar in Sugar House. [Trib]

-> As the Salt Lake City Council prepares to vote Tuesday whether to support a $58 million sales-tax increase for Salt Lake County, Mayor Jackie Biskupski voiced her opposition to the plan on Twitter. [Trib]

-> Utah’s suicide prevention programs said they have seen an increase in hotline calls following the suicide deaths of celebrities Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade. [Trib]

-> Robert Gehrke says that with various national media outlets offering vastly different takes on Senate hopeful Mitt Romney, it is difficult to know where the candidate actually stands. [Trib]

-> Pat Bagley depicts President Donald Trump’s “Seat of Power.” [Trib]

Nationally: President Donald Trump met in Singapore with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, becoming the first sitting U.S. president to meet with a leader of the Korean country. [Politico] [NYTimes] [CNN]

-> Here is a look at all of the major players in the U.S.-North Korea summit, including five-time NBA champion Dennis Rodman. [Politico]

-> Attorney General Jeff Sessions said gang violence and domestic abuse are not legitimate grounds for seeking asylum in the U.S. [NYTimes] [WaPost]

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-- Thomas Burr and Connor Richards