Rep. Chris Stewart picked up a new opponent Tuesday — United Utah Party candidate Jan Garbett, a former Republican who ran in 2016 as a Democratic lieutenant governor candidate.

“The political process is well-intentioned, but it is not a problem-solving process,” Garbett said in a statement announcing her candidacy in the 2nd Congressional District. “It has become a pendulum swinging us back and forth. To settle this, we need to be involved in the process.”

Garbett said she chose to run as a candidate from the new party formed last year because its name, United Utah, “is what it’s about — uniting.”

She promised to work to bring people together and “run with the best ideas from Republicans, Democrats and independents.”

Garbett is a longtime community activist who has helped manage Garbett Homes with her husband, Bryson Garbett, a former GOP state lawmaker.