Lawmakers took a step Monday to resolve complaints from drivers who say their cars were towed from lots where signs banning parking and warning of towing were small, tucked into remote corners or relatively obscure.

The Senate Transportation Committee unanimously endorsed SB155, and sent it to the full Senate.

Sen. Wayne Harper, R-Taylorsville, the bill sponsor, said he and others have received complaints for years saying, “My car was towed. I didn’t see a sign on the property. After the play was over, after dinner was over, I came out and my car wasn’t there. I had to look all around the property, and finally found a sign … in the far back.”

His bill requires a sign at the entrance of the property, plus a second sign somewhere else.

It requires that signs be a standard size, be reflective, have standard font, and use international signs for a parking ban.

SB155 would also prohibit tow trucks companies from towing cars from lots that were not compliant with the sign provisions.