Spencer Cox returns to his No. 2 post after two hours as Utah’s governor, but we’ll always have the tweets

(Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) Lt. Governor Spencer Cox is joined by his wife Abby as they introduce John Curtis for congress during celebrations at the Provo Marriott Hotel & Conference Center in November.

Spencer Cox is no longer the governor of Utah, but he had some fun with his two hours of power.

Cox again became lieutenant governor, ceding his head-of-state authority to Gov. Gary Herbert, who temporarily relinquished the governorship during surgery to treat his kidney stones Friday.

Herbert transferred power to Cox at 5:24 p.m., just before he went into the operating room. Cox wasted no time of his two hours as governor.

Cox updated his bio and got to work.

Screenshot of Spencer Cox's temporary promotion

His next move was to tweet a shoutout to his hometown, Fairview.

He also tweeted a challenge to speedy artists.

Cox, ever the joker online, called for deputizing the first Australian lieutenant governor for Utah.

The Utah Jazz were cool with that.

Cox declared that the state’s “missing corner” should be taken back from Wyoming.

He finished his tweet flurry about halfway through his stint as Utah’s chief executive ...

... and then confirmed that his watch had ended.

Before his hour-or-so surgery Friday, Herbert tweeted out joke photos of Cox making himself at home in the governor’s mansion and office.

One post showed Cox talking on the governor’s phone with his feet on the desk, Herbert tweeted, “Honestly, @SpencerJCox!?!"

With another photo, Herbert tweeted, “Just got home from the hill and caught @SpencerJCox measuring for drapes in the governor’s mansion. Seriously? You’ll only be governor for an hour.”

Herbert was diagnosed with two kidney stones early in the week, but he maintained a full schedule — including giving his annual State of the State address on Wednesday.

After his surgery Friday, his office released a statement saying, “By all accounts, the surgery was successful and Gov. Herbert will return to the Governor’s Mansion later this evening. According to his attending physicians, the prognosis is for a full and uneventful recovery.”