State treasurer warns Utahns not to fall for unclaimed property scam

Chris Detrick | Tribune file photo State Treasurer David Damschen speaks in the Gold Room of the Utah State Capitol Wednesday January 13, 2016.

A fake website is inviting Utahns to enter their names to search for unclaimed property they might be entitled to and then trying to scam them into paying a monthly fee.

“The scam website (NeverClaimed.com) is in no way affiliated with the state,” Treasurer David Damschen said in a news release. “The Utah Division of Unclaimed Property charges no fee for Utahns to identify, claim and obtain their missing property.”

Damschen said he has no authority to shut down the scam website, but he does feel obligated to warn residents not to fall for it.

He reminds Utahns that the real unclaimed property site run by the state is free and open to all.

“Checking to see if you’ve lost property is simple and easy – just search at mycash.utah.gov. It’s something we ask every Utahn to do — and doing so is always free.”