New Salt Lake District 4 Councilwoman, a self-described ‘30-something Hispanic,’ aims to represent the city’s increasingly diverse population

Taylor Stevens By Taylor Stevens 4h ago

Federal airport employees working without pay at least get pizza from Salt Lake City mayor

By The Salt Lake Tribune 5h ago

A Utah lawmaker wants to block people from changing the sex listed on their birth certificates. LGBT groups are calling it ‘an egregious attack.’

Courtney Tanner By Courtney Tanner 6h ago

Founder of $2 billion real estate company considers Republican run for Utah governor

Bethany Rodgers By Bethany Rodgers 8h ago

Utah transgender advocate says it’s ‘disgusting’ how Trump administration is treating service members

Benjamin Wood By Benjamin Wood 9h ago

Despite Pelosi request to delay, Trump moves ahead with State of the Union

By Jill Colvin | The Associated Press 10h ago

Former Utah League of Cities and Towns chief charged with 7 felonies for theft, misuse of funds

Lee Davidson By Lee Davidson 10h ago

Trump voters now blame him for the government shutdown

By Matt Viser | The Washington Post 11h ago

A Utah lawmaker wants to lower the penalty for some crimes by one day to help immigrants avoid deportation

Jessica Miller By Jessica Miller 12h ago

Political Cornflakes: New tell-all book written by former White House staffer describes scenes of chaos within the Trump administration

By The Salt Lake Tribune 17h ago

Boomerang bills: Proposals that are popular with the public but nonstarters on Utah’s Capitol Hill just keep coming back

Benjamin Wood By Benjamin Wood , bethany rodgers 19h ago

Traffic bill being proposed in Utah Legislature could allow drivers to pass through red lights — as long as no one else is around

By The Salt Lake Tribune 1d ago

Politicians, including Trump, mark MLK Jr. holiday with appeals to black voters and commemoration of the civil rights leader

By Michael Scherer and Annie Linskey | The Washington Post 1d ago

UTA has been promising to focus on buses rather than new rail projects. Now it’s proposing a $1B TRAX expansion.

Lee Davidson By Lee Davidson 1d ago

Who has a bigger supermajority than even Republicans in Utah’s Legislature? Latter-day Saints.

Lee Davidson By Lee Davidson 1d ago

Tony Mendez, ‘Argo’ spy who smuggled U.S. hostages out of Iran during crisis, dies at 78

By Harrison Smith | The Washington Post 3d ago

‘I’m here to fight the system’: Hundreds rally in Salt Lake City during third-annual women’s march

Kathy Stephenson By Kathy Stephenson 3d ago

Utah’s state reptile — the Gila monster?

Benjamin Wood By Benjamin Wood 3d ago

Sen. Mitt Romney tells Weber County leaders the responsibility for ending the shutdown rests with the president and House speaker

Taylor Stevens By Taylor Stevens 4d ago

Fear not, Utah. Delta CEO Ed Bastian says airline is strong, and its Salt Lake City hub is vital — with nonstops to Asia likely coming.

Lee Davidson By Lee Davidson 4d ago

Utah has the third-lowest rate of labor union membership among states

Lee Davidson By Lee Davidson 4d ago

Planning Commission rejects proposed development in Emigration Canyon that would have included shooting range, zip lines and a wedding venue

By Christina Giardinelli 4d ago

Utah finished 2018 at No. 4 in job creation

Lee Davidson By Lee Davidson 4d ago

40 years after her Mormon excommunication, ERA firebrand Sonia Johnson salutes today’s ‘wonderful' women, says men ‘bore’ her

Peggy Fletcher Stack By Peggy Fletcher Stack 4d ago