There’s likely a new baby condor at Zion National Park in southwest Utah.

Park rangers said Thursday that they suspect a pair of endangered California condors has hatched their first egg because of behavior changes between the male and female birds.

They estimate the chick to be about 3 weeks old.

If the chick survives, it would be Utah's first successful hatchling. Zion spokeswoman Aly Baltrus says three chicks have been born at the park but have died before they were old enough to fly.

National Park Service records show the condors were the only breeding pair in Zion as of last year. Park rangers estimate they've been together for two years.

California condors are making a comeback in the wild three decades after nearing the brink of extinction.

Condor 409 and 523

California condor nest update! This video was filmed by our park biologists as they monitor the activity of our breeding pair of California condors, condor 409 (female, tag 9) and 523 (male, tag J3). It was filmed through a spotting scope, so it appears a little shaky. The video features 523 flying right next to the canyon wall as he approaches the nest site landing spot and then condor 409 flying around and landing next to 523 as they strengthen and renew their social bonds during a nest exchange. Recent behavior changes from these condors have given park biologists reason to believe the egg has hatched. While incubating their egg the condors would switch nest-sitting duties every 3 to 4 days but now they are switching almost every day. The chick is likely around 3 weeks old. After about 30 days the chick can thermoregulate its own body temperature, which means the parents don't have to keep it warm. This is also about the time the chick will start to become more mobile at the nest site and give biologists a chance for their first visual. For more info about condors, check out our partners at Condor Cliffs. NPS Video / Sidney Burleson

Posted by Zion National Park on Wednesday, May 29, 2019