Struggling Utah family finds cash and a Christmas note hidden in baby food

A Sunset family is thanking a mysterious Good Samaritan after the parents discovered a hidden surprise in the packaging of a baby food snack they bought at the grocery store.

Anntasia Kay explained that she went to the Sunset Smith's Saturday to pick up some items for her 8-month-old daughter, Echo.

Like any baby, Echo is busy — and growing. Dad Kaleb Hicks said they’re “running through diapers like crazy,” as well as the usual items like formula and baby food.

The couple is also raising four other children in addition to Echo.

When Kay got home from the store and opened one of Echo's favorite snacks, something unusual fell from between the lid and the canister's seal.

"I'm just like, 'Hey, Kaleb there's a paper just fell out of here,'" She recounted. "And he's like, 'Well, was it a coupon?' And he comes over. 'No, there's money in it.'"

She said $30 cash was tucked away in a note, that read:

"Merry Christmas!

"While in a very tight situation last Christmas some very generous strangers helped us in a similar way! Now we are overjoyed to help you! Merry Christmas and congratulations on this exciting time of life. We have certainly been here and know how challenging and wonderful this time of life can be and hope you feel our love.

"Merry Christmas!

— Friends"

What these note-writers don't know, is that Hicks was recently laid off and Kay doesn't have a paycheck right now because of the government shutdown.

"I just barely start this job, and then we get shut down," she said. "It's just kind of hard, especially when you have five kids."

Even if it's $30, for this family, the unexpected bit of Holiday Spirit is bringing them some cheer just in time for Christmas.

“[I want] to be able to say thanks,” Hicks said. “We really appreciate what they did for us.”