Beer aisles in Walmart stores across Utah now have posted signs that urge consumers to get involved in the push to get rid of 3.2 beer.

The retail giant is pushing for the Utah State Legislature to change the legal definition of beer to allow heavier brews to be sold in grocery and convenience stores, according to FOX 13. Customers are being asked to text a number to get involved in Walmart’s “Customer Action Network."

“Walmart is currently asking our customers who already buy 3.2 beer if they would like the option to purchase full-strength beer in grocery and convenience stores, without having to travel to a state-operated liquor store. With recent changes to Oklahoma, Colorado, and Kansas laws, Utah remains one of the only states where consumers don’t have this option,” Walmart spokeswoman Tiffany Wilson said in a statement to FOX 13.

Oklahoma, Colorado and Kansas recently voted to drop 3.2 beer, leaving Utah as one of the last states with the 3.2 limit. Utah is not a state known for its heavy drinkers and now represents less than one half of a percent of all U.S. beer drinkers.

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