By Don Babwin and Mike Stobbe | The Associated Press 22h ago

‘We’re tired of looking at the obituaries’: In Utah’s coal country, the opioid prescription rate far outpaces the rest of the state

Yue Stella Yu By Yue Stella Yu 6d ago

Million-dollar opioid drug ring started small, No. 2 says

By The Associated Press August 15

U.S. makes new push for graphic warning labels on cigarettes

By Matthew Perrone | AP Health Writer August 15

Jana Riess: Memo to young Latter-day Saints: Vaping is not OK, church says, and I agree

By Jana Riess | Religion News Service August 13

Running out of options, Utah couples turn to radio contests to win expensive fertility treatments

By Becky Jacobs August 11

Is pot safe when pregnant? Study seeks answer, draws critics

By Lindsey Tanner | AP Medical Writer August 9

Genetic-testing scam targets seniors and rips off Medicare

By Melissa Bailey | Kaiser Health News July 31

Robert Gehrke: Trump rejected Utah’s Medicaid gambit. It’s time to finally give voters what they wanted.

Robert Gehrke By Robert Gehrke July 31

Researchers are focusing new attention on boosting social connectedness for teens following hospitalization for suicide attempts or ideations

By Jill U. Adams | Undark July 27

Cannabis company protests Utah’s move to grant eight, not 10, growing licenses

By The Salt Lake Tribune July 22

Utahn dies after weight-loss surgery in Mexico

Kathy Stephenson By Kathy Stephenson July 22

Hospitals put Native Americans at opioid risk, audit says

By Felicia Fonseca | The Associated Press July 22

Think you know Utah? Take our news quiz and find out.

Sara Weber By Sara Weber July 19

A Utah woman’s blood drained from her heart into a garbage can, killing her, according to lawsuit

Erin Alberty By Erin Alberty July 18

Opioid overdoses fell significantly in 2018 for first time in decades, provisional CDC data show

By Christopher Ingraham | The Washington Post July 18

A graphic suicide scene in ’13 Reasons Why’ drew outcry. Two years later, Netflix deleted it.

By Allyson Chiu | The Washington Post July 16

Are prescription drug prices going down?

By Salvador Rizzo | The Washington Post July 15

Utah health care panel objects to state’s partial Medicaid expansion plan

Benjamin Wood By Benjamin Wood July 10

Validity of Obama health care law at issue in appeal hearing

By Kevin McGill and Rebecca Santana | The Associated Press July 9

Obamacare’s survival may hinge on some technical legal questions

By Lydia Wheeler and Laurel Calkins | Bloomberg July 8

That sparkler can hit 1,100 degrees — here’s the case these Utahns make for skipping the amateur fireworks

Sean P. Means By Sean P. Means July 3

Tell the Tribune: How is your office working to reduce air pollution?

By The Salt Lake Tribune July 1

A Utah family is suing after an elementary school blocked their diabetic son from going to class

Courtney Tanner By Courtney Tanner June 26

Health impact from smoke rises with more intense wildfires

By Matthew Brown | The Associated Press June 25