Washington man is 1st in U.S. to catch new virus from China

By Carla K. Johnson and Mike Stobbe | The Associated Press 2d ago

New Primary Children’s Hospital location to open in Lehi with $50 million gift

Erin Alberty By Erin Alberty 2d ago

Robert Gehrke: Utah is afraid to take a risk when it comes to promoting safe sex

Robert Gehrke By Robert Gehrke 4d ago

As wildfires get worse, smoke spreads, stokes health worries

By Matthew Brown | The Associated Press January 9

CDC warns of ‘widespread’ flu activity

By Donald G. McNeil Jr. | The New York Times January 8

Utahn dies of the flu

Scott D. Pierce By Scott D. Pierce January 8

Older people need geriatricians. Where will they come from?

By Paula Span | The New York Times January 7

Last year, Utah began sending public employees to Mexico to save money on drugs. Here's how it's going.

Erin Alberty By Erin Alberty January 5

Trump administration bans vaping flavors popular with underage teenagers

By Matthew Perrone | AP Health Writer January 2

Trump’s replacement for Obamacare nonexistent 3 years after pledge

By Aamer Madhani and Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar | The Associated Press December 30, 2019

Age limit now 21 across U.S. for cigarettes, tobacco products

By Linda A. Johnson | The Associated Press December 28, 2019

Robert Gehrke: Getting health care to low-income Utahns never should have taken so long or cost so much

Robert Gehrke By Robert Gehrke December 25, 2019

For childless couples, surrogate moms, like Mary of the Nativity, deliver joy to their world

Peggy Fletcher Stack By Peggy Fletcher Stack December 24, 2019

Feds approve full Medicaid expansion for Utah, with work requirements for some

Dan Harrie By Dan Harrie December 23, 2019

‘Vast majority’ of vaping illnesses blamed on vitamin E

By Carla K. Johnson | AP Medical Writer December 20, 2019

Cleanup at old Geneva Steel Mill will shut down until after the holidays because of a bad smell

Sean P. Means By Sean P. Means December 20, 2019

What if you knew a cookie would take 20 minutes to run off?

By Candice Choi | AP Food & Health Writer December 20, 2019

Most U.S. opioid overdose deaths accidental, 4% are suicide

By Lindsey Tanner | The Associated Press December 18, 2019

More Americans are dying at home rather than in hospitals

By Marilynn Marchione | AP Chief Medical Writer December 11, 2019

Officials list the pot vaping brands most associated with U.S. hospitalizations

By Mike Stobbe | The AP Medical Writer December 6, 2019

Experts split sharply over experimental Alzheimer’s drug

By Marilynn Marchione | AP Chief Medical Writer December 5, 2019

Measles outbreak leads to shutdown of public services in Samoa

By Elian Peltier | The New York Times December 5, 2019

Robert Gehrke: These Utahns are working to make sure the terror of the AIDS epidemic remains in the past

Robert Gehrke By Robert Gehrke December 4, 2019

Massachusetts bans menthol cigarettes, vape flavors

By Philip Marcelo | The Associated Press November 27, 2019