A Utah man’s family and caregivers make sure he gets to hear the piano one last time

Leah Hogsten By Leah Hogsten 3d ago

Think you know Utah? Take our news quiz and find out.

Sara Weber By Sara Weber 3d ago

Utah’s biggest health care network announces its change of policy on physicians recommending medical cannabis to patients

Bethany Rodgers By Bethany Rodgers 4d ago

Anti-vaxxers are spreading conspiracy theories on Facebook, and the company is struggling to stop them

By Taylor Telford | The Washington Post 4d ago

FDA launches tougher oversight of dietary supplements

By Laurie McGinley | The Washington Post 6d ago

Among developed nations, the U.S. has the highest rate of women dying in childbirth and it continues to go up

By Luis Velarde | The Washington Post February 11

About Lou Gehrig’s disease: It’s rare, debilitating and deadly — and every case is unique

Peggy Fletcher Stack By Peggy Fletcher Stack February 10

Mark’s final battle: Awaiting the day he no longer will be able to breathe, Utah veteran soldiers on with a smile against an enemy he won’t defeat

Peggy Fletcher Stack By Peggy Fletcher Stack February 10

Teens who use e-cigarettes more likely to start smoking, study says

By Anna Edney | Bloomberg February 5

Trump planning campaign to halt transmission of HIV in US by 2030

By Lenny Bernstein, Lena H. Sun and Amy Goldstein | The Washington Post February 5

This Utah man with no hands can shave, grill and drive a car — and he helps other amputees learn how

By Cathy Free | The Washington Post February 5

Proposed rules would shake up drug pricing by ending rebates to middlemen

By Amy Goldstein and Christopher Rowland | The Washington Post February 1

Study: Many fruit juices contain potentially harmful levels of arsenic, cadmium, and lead

By Carmen Reinicke | Bloomberg January 31

Americans take the pain of girls less seriously than that of boys, a new study finds

By Isaac Stanley-Becker | The Washington Post January 31

Tyson recalls chicken nuggets sent to 5 states, including Utah, because they might have rubber in them

By The Associated Press January 30

Coca-Cola emails reveal how soda industry tries to influence health officials

By Paige Winfield Cunningham | The Washington Post January 30

Gehrke: We can refine Utah’s Medicaid expansion without undermining the will of voters

Robert Gehrke By Robert Gehrke January 30

CDC: Nearly 2 percent of high school students identify as transgender and more than one-third of them attempt suicide

By Valerie Strauss | The Washington Post January 29

‘Mormon Land’: Former practitioner of ‘reparative therapy’ discusses his coming out as gay, the pain he felt and contributed to, and his new life within the faith

By The Salt Lake Tribune January 24

4 Utahns who had surgery in Mexico are infected by drug-resistant bacteria. They’re also at risk for HIV and hepatitis.

Scott D. Pierce By Scott D. Pierce January 23

An anti-vaccination ‘hotspot’ near Portland declares an emergency over measles outbreak

By Isaac Stanley-Becker | The Washington Post January 23

3 years later, no one is in jail over Flint tainted water

By Ed White | The Associated Press January 18

Air quality continues to deteriorate, with no relief expected until later this week

Francisco Kjolseth By Francisco Kjolseth January 14

Utah voters approved Medicaid expansion, but lawmakers may delay it or impose work requirements

Benjamin Wood By Benjamin Wood January 10