Do not eat any kind of romaine lettuce, CDC warns

By J. Freedom du Lac, Keith McMillan and Kristine Phillips | The Washington Post 2d ago

Salt Lake County warns of possible hepatitis A exposure at Edible Arrangements store over the past month

Luke Ramseth By Luke Ramseth 4d ago

Utah ranks among U.S. states with highest rates of lung cancer caused by air pollution, report says

Emma Penrod By Emma Penrod 6d ago

Even brief exposure to air pollution increases risk of flu and other respiratory infections in children, Utah-based study finds

Emma Penrod By Emma Penrod April 12

Gehrke: LDS Church’s stance on medical marijuana doesn’t make sense. Why is it OK for a Nevada Mormon but not a Utah Mormon?

Robert Gehrke By Robert Gehrke April 12

‘We’re dying’: Feds hear from Utahns fighting on the frontline of the state’s rural opioids crisis

Luke Ramseth By Luke Ramseth April 11

Rolly: Nurse who suffered brain injury now entangled in two-front legal fight against the pharmacy and the hospital

Paul Rolly By Paul Rolly April 11

The Mormon church signals opposition to a Utah medical marijuana ballot initiative, an item most voters have supported

Luke Ramseth By Luke Ramseth April 10

1 in 6 Utah women has suffered sexual violence, a new survey finds. And those in the LGBTQ community face such attacks at higher rates than other groups.

Luke Ramseth By Luke Ramseth April 10

Why does Utah have a high suicide rate? A researcher is starting a years-long search for answers.

Luke Ramseth By Luke Ramseth April 8

Poll: Most Americans see drug addiction as a disease

By Matthew Perrone | The Associated Press April 5

Twin sisters known for spirited battle with obsessive compulsive disorder die in possible ‘suicide pact’

By Samantha Schmidt | The Washington Post April 4

Ex-fertility doctor facing suit for using his own sperm is a former Mormon mission and temple president

Eric Walden By Eric Walden April 4

‘We’re racking our brains’: A series of teen suicides has left the Herriman High School community searching for answers

Lillian Reed By Lillian Reed , luke ramseth April 4

Utah reports two deaths in hepatitis A outbreak, as health officials hope the disease’s spread has peaked

Luke Ramseth By Luke Ramseth April 3

Addiction, poor health, missed work: New survey reveals a heavy toll as domestic violence affects 1 in 5 Utah women

Luke Ramseth By Luke Ramseth April 2

Coffee with a cancer warning? A California judge mandates label because of chemical created in roasting process.

By Brian Melley | The Associated Press March 29

The virtual reality of ‘Ready Player One’ is coming, and the University of Utah is where some of it is being created.

Sean P. Means By Sean P. Means March 29

Utah governor signs Medicaid expansion bill. Now, Utah waits to see if the feds will approve it.

Luke Ramseth By Luke Ramseth March 27

Yucky ducky? Study reveals bathtime toy’s dirty secret

By Frank Jordans and Jamey Keaten | The Associated Press March 27

Biochemistry pioneer visits Utah to explain CRISPR, the gene-editing technology set to change the world

Luke Ramseth By Luke Ramseth March 24

New laws to give Utah women easier and less expensive access to birth-control pills and IUDs

Luke Ramseth By Luke Ramseth March 19

Utah pharmacies gave out thousands of opioid-combating naloxone doses without prescriptions last year. Health officials say it’s saving lives.

Luke Ramseth By Luke Ramseth March 14

‘This is a matter of rural prosperity’: USDA plans Utah discussion on opioid epidemic in small communities

Luke Ramseth By Luke Ramseth March 13