How well do you know Utah's biggest water user?

Alfalfa is known as a big water consumer — but how much water exactly does it take to grow a ton of alfalfa? And how much money does it generate for the state's economy? [Related article: One crop uses more than half of Utah’s water. Here’s why.]

Trivia Questions

How much irrigation water, on average in 2020, was diverted to produce one ton of alfalfa in Utah?

How many acres in Utah were under cultivation of alfalfa and other hays in 2021?

How much alfalfa and hay did Utah growers produce in 2021?

How many tons, on average, does an acre of Utah farmland yield per year?

Portion of water diversions in Utah that support alfalfa and hay production?

What percentage of Utah’s GDP does the hay harvest represent?

What portion of Utah’s hay harvest is exported overseas?