Here’s where you can fish for free in Utah this weekend

Anglers don’t need a license to fish in any public body of water in the state on Free Fishing Day.

Ready to get into fishing, but not quite ready to commit to a fishing license yet? Utah has you covered: Fishing will be free for everyone — no license required — at any public body of water on Saturday, June 12.

In a news release, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources encouraged anglers — both new and experienced — to take the opportunity to try something new or introduce someone to fishing.

“Early June is one of the best times to fish in Utah. All of the fish in the state, both warm-water and cold-water species, are active and willing to bite this time of the year,” Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Aquatics Section Assistant Chief Craig Walker said in the release. “And with this year’s drought, it will be better to go fishing earlier in the summer as well. While some waterbodies may be impacted by low water levels this year, the majority of the fishing in Utah will be great.”

Even though you don’t need a license to fish this Saturday, you still need to know the rules, the DWR warns. Download the DWR’s 2021 Utah Fishing Guidebook online. And entrance fees to state parks and other areas will still apply.

The DWR also shared several lakes and reservoirs where there should be good fishing and not too much crowding:

  • Burraston Ponds in Juab County.

  • East Canyon State Park in Morgan County.

  • Echo State Park in Summit County.

  • Deer Creek State Park in Wasatch County.

  • The aptly named Fish Lake in Sevier County.

  • Flaming Gorge Reservoir in Daggett County.

  • Hyrum Lake State Park in Cache County.

  • Kolob Reservoir in Washington County.

  • Mantua Reservoir in Box Elder County.

  • Millsite State Park in Emery County.

  • Moon Lake in Duchesne County.

  • Recapture Reservoir in San Juan County.

  • Red Fleet State Park in Uintah County.

  • Scofield State Park in Carbon County.

  • Utah Lake State Park in Utah County — though the DWR warns that you might find June suckers in Utah Lake, which should be immediately released if caught because they’re a threatened species.

  • Willow Pond in Salt Lake County.

  • Yankee Meadow Reservoir in Iron County.

For a full list of the DWR’s recommended fishing locations, including which fish are stocked where, see their blog. And for a map of all fishing locations in Utah, visit dwrapps.utah.gov/fishing.

Community fisheries are also a great spot to visit, according to the DWR — with the added benefit of being closer to home. Visit the DWR’s website to find a community pond in your area.

And if you do go fishing on Free Fishing Day and are ready to commit to a license afterward, you can buy one online at wildlifelicense.utah.gov/hflo.