Residents in southwest Utah are watching rivers and creeks, hoping they don’t create floods. But at Gunlock State Park, they are smiling at the flows.

The wet winter has created “very impressive” waterfalls at Gunlock State Park, according to a post on Facebook by Utah State Parks. The waterfalls occur many springs when Gunlock Reservoir overflows, but the photos posted on social media show especially strong flows over multiple red rock ledges.

Jon Allred, the park manager, estimated it was the first time in seven years the flows were much more than a trickle over the side of the spillway.

“It’s not natural," Allred said, "but over the years, since the reservoir has been made, it has kind of carved its own way, and now it’s quite a show.”

The waterfalls, Allred said, might only last a few weeks — until precipitation dissipates and irrigation users begin drawing from Gunlock Reservoir.

Visitors can walk up to the falls, Allred said. Walk-ins must pay $2 per person to enter the park. If you’re driving, it’s $10 per car, or $5 for senior drivers. Utah State Parks is warning visitors to be careful around the ledges and flows.

Gunlock State Park is 19 miles northwest of St. George.

The waterfalls at Gunlock State Park are active and are very impressive. Please remember that the falls are part of the...

Posted by Gunlock State Park on Thursday, March 7, 2019