New Trump power plant plan could release hundreds of millions of tons of CO2 into air

By Juliet Eilperin | The Washington Post 1d ago

A southern Utah county that fought monument designations is now eager to make money off them

Brian Maffly By Brian Maffly 1d ago

A plan to pump water from near the Utah border and pipe it to Las Vegas has been rejected — but perhaps only temporarily

By Ken Ritter | The Associated Press 2d ago

The Trump administration keeps losing environmental court cases

By Juliet Eilperin | The Washington Post 2d ago

Surprised by plan from his own BLM to unload land inside Utah’s former Grand Staircase monument, Interior boss cancels sale

Thomas Burr By Thomas Burr , brian maffly 3d ago

A vital U.S. reservoir will survive through the next year, but a ‘disaster’ is looming

By Dan Elliot | The Associated Press 4d ago

What the new plans mean for mining, grazing, recreation and artifacts in Grand Staircase and Bears Ears

Brian Maffly By Brian Maffly 5d ago

Trump’s team offers a new vision for Utah’s former Grand Staircase: Nearly 700,000 acres would be open to mining or drilling

Brian Maffly By Brian Maffly 5d ago

Was Smokey Bear wrong? The beloved character may have helped fuel catastrophic fires.

By Kyle Swenson | The Washington Post 5d ago

Commentary: Why Native Americans struggle to protect Utah’s Bears Ears and other sacred places

By Rosalyn R. LaPier | The Conversation 6d ago

The next five years will be ‘anomalously warm,’ scientists predict

By Chris Mooney | The Washington Post 6d ago

Western governors, including Utah’s Gov. Gary Herbert, say ban on land deals could hurt beleaguered bird

By Dan Elliot | The Associated Press August 13

U.S. wildlife boss steps down, returns to Utah after stirring fears on endangered species law

By Matthew Brown | The Associated Press August 13

Some property owners worry that ski area land swaps designed to protect Utah’s Cottonwood Canyons may have the opposite effect

Brian Maffly By Brian Maffly August 11

This Utah school district is cutting back its recycling programs because they got too expensive

Courtney Tanner By Courtney Tanner August 10

The San Juan County clerk may be investigated after a federal judge says he crossed the line in illegally dumping Navajo Willie Grayeyes from the ballot

Brian Maffly By Brian Maffly August 10

Utah wild horses ran into barbed wire during aerial roundup; four animals with pre-existing injuries were euthanized

Brian Maffly By Brian Maffly August 9

Stay out of Utah Lake, health officials warn, as algal danger spreads

Brian Maffly By Brian Maffly August 8

Mitt Romney says the government should do more to prevent and respond to wildfires caused by ‘climate realities.’ His Democratic opponent says he’s missing the point.

Benjamin Wood By Benjamin Wood August 8

A wildlife photographer won a permit to shoot grizzlies. Here’s what he’s doing with it.

By Karin Brulliard | The Washington Post August 8

Where did Salt Lake City’s mountains go? Haze is enveloping northern Utah.

Nate Carlisle By Nate Carlisle August 6

Central Idaho man charged with starting large wildfire

By Keith Ridler | The Associated Press August 3

Zion reopens climbing routes after falcon nesting season

By The Associated Press August 3

Keep an eye (and ear) out for coughing sheep in Zion National Park

Scott D. Pierce By Scott D. Pierce July 31