Utah hunters upset after area burned by Pole Creek Fire remains inaccessible through end of season

Brian Maffly By Brian Maffly 22h ago

‘Hyperalarming’ study shows massive insect loss

By Ben Guarino | The Washington Post 22h ago

An Idaho Fish and Game official faces fury after bragging that he ‘shot a whole family of baboons’ while trophy hunting in Africa

By Allyson Chiu | The Washington Post 1d ago

Hikers moaned when Zion Narrows was closed. Here are five other popular Utah destinations where private property questions could threaten access.

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AP fact check: Romney oversimplifies Western water shortage

By Lindsay Whitehurst | The Associated Press 2d ago

Cows help battle invasive grass at Great Salt Lake wetlands

By Leia Larsen | Standard-Examiner 3d ago

Environmentalists challenge court ruling over water from Rio Grande

By Susan Montoya Brown | The Associated Press 4d ago

Think you know Utah? Test your knowledge of this week’s news here.

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Get a wild horse and $1k. It’s the latest offer to reduce the number of penned animals that some think should be slaughtered.

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State to poison unwanted fish in southwestern Utah reservoir

By The Associated Press 5d ago

Utah among 7 states agreeing on plan to manage drought-stricken Colorado River system

By Dan Elliott | The Associated Press 6d ago

115 arches were left out of the reduced Bears Ears and Grand Staircase national monuments. A University of Utah team is creating a digital archive to ‘preserve’ them.

Courtney Tanner By Courtney Tanner 6d ago

Utah just experienced its driest year since scientists have kept records

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Neurosurgeon has embraced activism in fight against Salt Lake Valley air pollution for personal and professional reasons

By Cara MacDonald October 9

Zion National Park will acquire a private land parcel to fend off any development — but 3,400 acres remain at risk

Brian Maffly By Brian Maffly October 8

Goldfish have taken over a Utah lake — and state officials are fighting back

Paighten Harkins By Paighten Harkins October 6

Details of a judge’s visit to disputed southern Utah routes are being kept quiet — except a plan to ride UTVs through land that’s closed to motorized vehicles

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Think you know Utah? Test your knowledge here.

Sara Weber By Sara Weber October 5

Major Utah oil-shale project clears ‘tremendous milestone,’ but at what cost to the environment?

Brian Maffly By Brian Maffly October 2

Supreme Court won’t review decision that made land near Grand Canyon off-limits to new mining

By Felicia Fonesca | The Associated Press October 1

Zion National Park to resume issuing hiking permits in the Narrows — but it’s only a temporary solution

Taylor Stevens By Taylor Stevens September 28

How well do you know the news? Take this quiz to find out.

Sara Weber By Sara Weber September 28

Property owner in Zion Narrows closure wants to welcome back hikers, but says the feds need to step up

Brian Maffly By Brian Maffly , erin alberty September 27

Two teams have been doing air-quality research in Utah homes. Here’s what they discovered.

Sean P. Means By Sean P. Means September 26