Day care assistant at Copper Hills High put on leave after she posted blackface photo

(Screenshot via Facebook) A screenshot of a social media post made by a day care assistant at Copper Hills High, who has been put on leave for the photo of herself in blackface.

A day care assistant at Copper Hills High has been put on leave after school officials say she posted a photo of herself in blackface on social media.

Jordan School District learned about the picture this week after receiving tips from several parents. Sandy Riesgraf, spokesperson for the district, said the woman was immediately removed from her position while an investigation was launched into her conduct.

The district has not named the employee but confirmed she was a part-time aide at the high school’s day care program.

“Copper Hills High School does not tolerate or condone racism in any form,” Riesgraf said in a statement. “Our school stands for respect and inclusion where all are free to learn and work in a safe, welcoming environment.”

She declined to comment further on any disciplinary action, calling it “a personnel matter.”

The post was made this week on a personal Facebook account not affiliated with the school. The woman posted a photo of her face, covered in black paint, along with the caption: “No politics. No covid. No negativity. Post a picture of something black from your camera roll. The more random, the better! I’ll give you a color for your own page!” Several screenshots of it have been shared on social media.

Her face paint imitates the racist minstrel shows performed mostly in the 19th century where white actors would dress up as Black men and women. They used makeup to create exaggerated features and played up cruel stereotypes.

It appears the day care assistant has since deleted her account.