After 5 new reports, former USU football player Green charged in additional rapes

Prosecutors say 14 alleged victims of former USU football player have come forward in recent weeks.

Cache County prosecutors on Friday filed two new charges of rape against former Utah State University linebacker Torrey Green, who's now facing prosecution for seven total attacks between 2013 and 2015.

Green, 23, was arrested and charged last month with four counts of rape, one count of aggravated kidnapping and one count of forcible sex abuse.

He is in Cache County jail and has a bail hearing scheduled for Dec. 13.

Prosecutors say they have looked into 14 allegations against Green. Two are still being investigated, according to a Cache County attorney's office news release.

Skye Lazaro, Green's attorney, could not immediately be reached for comment Friday.

One of the new charges involves Carsen Davis, who says she was raped by Green in October 2014, when she was a freshman at USU.

At the time, the thought of reporting the student-athlete to police overwhelmed her, she told The Salt Lake Tribune, and she dropped out of school about seven months later.

"What he did wasn't good, but the thought of ruining his career — it was scary to me to be the person to do that," Davis said.

The Tribune does not generally identify victims of sexual abuse, but Davis agreed to the use of her name.

She went to police in October after reading The Tribune's July story about four women who had reported Green to local police in 2015. Those investigations had languished and none had led to charges. Two of the cases were not sent to prosecutors for consideration of charges, according to police reports accessed by The Tribune in May.

Green denied the initial four allegations in an interview with The Tribune in July, saying they were "blown out of proportion."

Zack Teperman, of Los Angeles-based ZTPR, represents Green and did not have a comment Friday.

Cache County prosecutors began re-examining the four 2015 cases in July. In October, they filed charges involving three of the women who reported in 2015, plus two others who came forward to police since July.

The other charge added Friday is related to an alleged rape in August 2015. An affidavit, which would have details of the incident, was not immediately available.

Davis said she first met Green in the Taggart Student Center on USU's campus in October 2014. He seemed nice and cute, she said, so she exchanged numbers with him.

The night of the alleged attack, Green picked her up from her dorm and brought her back to his apartment for dinner and a movie, she said. When they arrived, she said, all the lights were off and Green told her his roommates were out. Soon after the movie began, she said, he began rubbing her leg and aggressively kissing her.

She protested and tried to get away, she said, but every time she got up he would pull her back to him and hold her down.

As she fought, she said, he pinned her to the wall and raped her.

She told an English professor about what happened, she said, and that professor referred her to the school's Title IX office, which investigates allegations of sexual violence and is tasked with assisting victims. But she chose not to share Green's name or move forward with a formal complaint.

"After that night, I have never been the same," she told The Tribune. "From then on, I would wait until one of my friends could walk me home so that I didn't have to walk alone, I would sleep with a lamp on, I had to check the locks on my doors multiple times before I went to bed. I was always afraid that he would find me."

Soon after, she decided to move to a different dorm, she said, and things were OK for a while.

But then she ran into Green on campus, she said, and everything changed. She rarely left her room and fell further and further behind in classes. Eventually, she dropped out of school and moved back home.

She has not gone back to college, she said, because she's too afraid to set foot on a campus.

The new charges are related to alleged attacks that happened in 2014 and 2015. The seven total attacks Green is charged in are alleged to have occurred between November 2013 and November 2015.

• November 2013: A woman — identified as M.H. in documents — says she met Green on the dating app Tinder. On the night of the alleged attack, Green made M.H. dinner at his apartment before starting a movie in his bedroom. When Green began taking her clothes off, M.H. repeatedly told him to stop, the charges state, but he overpowered her and raped her.

• October 2014: A woman — identified as L.P. in documents — says Green assaulted her while watching a movie at his apartment. When she tried to leave, Green pushed her into the bathroom, she told police, and forced her legs apart and began grinding his body against hers; both remained clothed. She was able to exit the bathroom, according to the affidavit, but Green then pinned her to a wall and continued pressing against her.

• October 2014: Davis says Green rapes her while watching a movie at his apartment.

• January 2015: Catherine — who spoke with The Tribune and asked to be identified by a pseudonym — said Green approached her at the Taggart Student Center and asked for her number. On the night of the alleged attack, he took her back to his apartment, where they watched television until he started taking her clothes off. She said no, but he overpowered her and raped her, the charges state. She went to police within a week.

• Late May or early June 2015: Anna — who spoke with The Tribune and asked to be identified by her first name — met Green on Tinder, she said, and within days he called at 2 a.m. to say he was near her apartment. He followed her to her bedroom and she ended up on the floor, she said. Green then raped her, the charges state. She did not report to Logan police until November 2015.

• August 2015: No details were available Friday about the alleged rape that occurred this month.

• November 2015: Days after Anna reported being assaulted, Debbie — who spoke with The Tribune and asked to be identified by a pseudonym — was at a party at Green's apartment. She had been drinking before Green locked her in his bedroom and raped her, she told police days later.

• No charges were filed in connection with Mary, who told The Tribune and police that Green also assaulted her in November 2015. She asked to be identified by a pseudonym.

Green began classes at Utah State in 2011 and remained on campus through spring 2016. After graduating, he signed a free agent contract with the Atlanta Falcons in April 2016. The NFL team cut him in August after learning that he was the subject of multiple sex assault investigations.

If convicted of any of the rape or kidnapping charges, Green faces a maximum penalty of up to life in prison, while the sex abuse count carries a maximum penalty of one-to-15-years behind bars.

USU could not immediately be reached for comment Friday.

After The Tribune's July story, USU conducted an internal investigation into how it handled allegations against Green that were reported to the school, and admitted its policies "fell short."

It has since launched a "Consent Is" campaign; is developing an information-sharing agreement with local law enforcement and community groups; is working on changes to the student code related to confidentiality; and is clarifying mandatory reporting and anonymous reporting policies.