By Joseph Pisani and Alexandra Olson | The Associated Press 1d ago

Millcreek and Salt Lake City restart negotiations over Brickyard Plaza as threatened legislation is put on hold

Tony Semerad By Tony Semerad 2d ago

U.S. inflation remains contained amid Fed patience on rates

By Jeff Kearns | Bloomberg 2d ago

Instacart adjusts worker pay after uproar over tipping policy

By Ellen Huet | Bloomberg February 6

Gannett board rejects hostile takeover bid. But that may be just the start.

By Jonathan O'Connell | The Washington Post February 4

Shipping containers turned into an affordable apartment building? A Salt Lake City company plans to make it happen, but obstacles remain.

Tony Semerad By Tony Semerad February 4

Financial system similar to old Mormon practice is called money laundering in prosecution of polygamous Kingston Group members

Nate Carlisle By Nate Carlisle February 3

The doorbells have eyes: The privacy battle brewing over home security cameras

By Geoffrey A. Fowler | The Washington Post February 1

After a year of big-dollar deals, Utah’s Silicon Slopes urges Utah to boost computer science education, offers $4 million

Tony Semerad By Tony Semerad February 1

The outdoor industry is jumping into the political fight over public lands and climate change

By Dan Elliot | The Associated Press January 31

Tyson recalls chicken nuggets sent to 5 states, including Utah, because they might have rubber in them

By The Associated Press January 30

Coca-Cola emails reveal how soda industry tries to influence health officials

By Paige Winfield Cunningham | The Washington Post January 30

Top GOP senators propose repealing estate tax, which is expected to be paid by fewer than 2,000 Americans a year

By Jeff Stein | The Washington Post January 29

Utah’s homes prices have spiked and sales have slowed along the Wasatch Front. Check out the real estate market in your ZIP code.

Tony Semerad By Tony Semerad January 28

Electric scooters send more people to the hospital than bicycles and walking, new study finds

By Peter Holley | The Washington Post January 26

Prosecutors move to seize property linked to Washakie Renewable Energy

By The Associated Press January 23

Could you afford to buy in your own neighborhood today? For many homeowners on the Wasatch Front, the answer would be no.

Tony Semerad By Tony Semerad January 22

How Ikon and Epic passes are changing the game for ski resorts in Utah and elsewhere

By Lisa Christensen | Special to The Tribune January 21

A Utah cheesemaker finds fans on all sides of a polygamous church

Nate Carlisle By Nate Carlisle January 20

On the road to make an affordable car, Tesla cuts jobs

By The Associated Press January 18

Student debt has kept home ownership out of reach for 400,000 young families, Fed reports

By Christopher Ingraham | The Washington Post January 18

A way to ‘lighten the burden': Here’s what Utah companies are doing for furloughed employees affected by the government shutdown

Taylor Stevens By Taylor Stevens January 17

Plan for Salt Lake City to pay for the parking garage at a huge downtown development hits a snag

Tony Semerad By Tony Semerad January 17

The Tribune is among the winners of a Report for America grant

By The Salt Lake Tribune January 17

Shopko to shutter 13 stores in Utah after filing for bankruptcy

Taylor Stevens By Taylor Stevens January 16