The Delta Center is teed up for major changes. Here’s what could come, and when.

Renovations would occur over three years as Ryan Smith pursues his massive sports and entertainment district downtown.

Demolition and reconstruction of the northern end of the Delta Center’s seating bowl could begin as soon as next spring if the Salt Lake City Council endorses a massive plan to transform a swath of downtown into a sports and entertainment district.

The upgrades are part of Smith Entertainment Group’s bid to refresh the arena for dual use by the Jazz and a new National Hockey League franchise.

Details of the renovation emerged Friday afternoon when the city released a 136-page document known within City Hall as the “participation agreement.” The city released an abridged version of the accord earlier this week as it weighs a half-a-percentage-point sales tax increase that would funnel $900 million of public money into the district.

Delta Center renovation timeline

If the deal between Smith Entertainment Group and the city moves forward, major work on the arena would begin in April, take three years. Here are the highlights:

(Smith Entertainment Group) A rendering of a renovated entrance to the Delta Center.

April 2025 to October 2025 • Demolish and rebuild the north end’s seating bowl. Add retractable and fixed seating, along with a “premium” section.

October 2025 to April 2026 • Begin building a 500-stall parking garage on the arena’s southwest corner. Complete work on the north end seating. Start work on exterior upgrades.

April 2026 to October 2026 • Tear down and reconstruct the seating bowl’s south end. Add retractable and fixed seating. Finish interior work on the first phase of arena expansion locations. Start foundational work for the second phase. Wrap up construction on the parking garage.

(Salt Lake City) The proposed location of a new parking garage at the Delta Center.

October 2026 to April 2027 • Finish work on the new south end. Continue construction on various projects, such as space for amenities.

April 2027 to October 2027 • Build a new ice floor. Install a new LED center-hung video board. Complete the final arena expansion and concourse upgrades.

All told, the upgrades to the Delta Center are projected to cost about $525 million of the $900 million the city is on the cusp of agreeing to contribute to the sports, entertainment, culture and convention district.

Where else would city money go?

(Smith Entertainment Group) A site plan for a proposed downtown sports and entertainment district.

While work on the Delta Center is scheduled to wrap up in 2027, the rest of the entertainment district isn’t expected to be completed until 2033. The agreement sets a deadline of 2034 for all projects that would use city funds.

The rest of the city’s contribution — about $375 million — would go toward investment in the district outside the arena. SEG, according to the agreement, says there “will be other private and public funding partnerships” necessary to complete the remainder of the district’s redevelopment.

(Salt Lake City) The project area for the downtown sports and entertainment district. Smith Entertainment Group's focus has been on the block that is home to the Delta Center and the two blocks to the east.

According to the agreement, the overall project area extends roughly from South Temple to 200 South between West Temple and most of The Gateway, just beyond 400 West. The main area of focus for SEG’s development is the Delta Center block and the two blocks to the east.

What comes next?

Council members are scheduled to take a first vote on the agreement Tuesday. If the council endorses the pact, the document will be sent to the Legislature’s Capital City Revitalization for review.

The committee has 30 days to either approve or reject the proposal. If it rejects the agreement, the city could continue negotiations. If the committee embraces the accord, the document would return to the council for final approval.

SEG has committed to putting at least $3 billion of its own money into the district.