Repairs from Moab flash flood may take years

Major construction projects have taken hits, according to city manager.

Friday evening’s flash flooding in Moab may leave years of work, according to an official.

“These things can sometimes take years,” Moab City Manager David Everitt said. “We’re actually still doing repairs from the floods from two years ago.”

Everitt said a couple of major construction projects have taken substantial hits due to the heavy downpour.

A flash flood swept through Moab on Friday evening, drenching the region with just under an inch of rain in 10 minutes. That’s about a month’s worth of downfall.

(Doug McMurdo for The Salt Lake Tribune) Mill Creek spilled over the road on 300 South in Moab.

Grand County Emergency Management issued a Flash Flood Warning at Mill Creek around 7 p.m. Water overflowed banks and bridges at 400 East and 300 South and authorities evacuated people from Woody’s Tavern and near Zax on 100 South, according to the Moab City Police Department.

Hours of rainfall shut down roads and flooded homes and businesses.

Cpl. Haley Scheer with the Utah State Department of Public Safety warned that “there’s going to be intermittent closures throughout different parts of the county.”

The Moab City Police has asked the public to “slow down and drive cautiously on Moab surface streets” due to debris. City and county officials are currently working to clean the roads.

Everitt emphasized that repairing critical infrastructure will be a priority for the next few days. He added that he was happy to see Kane Creek Boulevard up and running again, fully repaired as of Saturday afternoon.

(Doug McMurdo for The Salt Lake Tribune) Moab City Council member Jason Taylor uses a tractor to remove flood debris.