This vacation cost will run you higher in Salt Lake City than Tuscany, Dubai and Milan

Fees at Airbnbs in Salt Lake City are higher than several dozen other tourist destinations, and are among the highest as a portion of the overall cost.

(Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) People enjoy an evening in downtown Salt Lake City on Tuesday, May 30, 2023.

Salt Lake City is among the worst tourist destinations for one cost metric, according to a new study.

Airbnb listings in Utah’s capital city have relatively higher fees than Airbnbs in more than 250 other tourist destinations. That includes cleaning fees — a cost several listings are phasing out — and service fees.

Data from an analysis of more than 200 listings in Salt Lake City found fees make up more than 25% of the overall payment for a five-night stay, on average.

The middle point of those listings was 26.75%, higher than all of the 262 locations Net Credit analyzed except for Detroit, Phoenix and Austin. In general, fees are a big part of an overall uptick in Airbnb costs in the United States, but not in other countries.

The median fee of $164 was also higher than about 75% of the other tourist destinations.

Net Credit analyzed 222 listings in Salt Lake City to find the median price and fees and found the city is “one of the worst tourist destinations” for the Airbnb extra costs.

Among the listings are one where the cleaning and services fees combined are just $1 short of the five-night price and another where they’re $8 more.

Explore the data and search by destination and country and sort by fees as a percent of price in the table below.