Trying to soak in the weekend sunshine on the Jordan River Trail? You might have to avoid a section due to flooding.

Spring is near and high water levels have already hit the Jordan River.

(West Jordan) Releases from Utah Lake have caused flooding along a stretch of the Jordan River Trail in West Jordan.

If you hope to get back on the Jordan River Trail once the sun peeks out again over the weekend, you might want to brace for a detour.

A portion of the path that runs under 7800 South in West Jordan will be closed indefinitely due to flooding as the river rises with releases from Utah Lake.

In a statement, West Jordan said the river has swelled to “unprecedented heights” as Salt Lake County discharges water from the freshwater lake in Utah County. Those releases will continue through July as the lake fills with two winters’ worth of above-average snow in the Wasatch Mountains.

The nearest crosswalk to get over 7800 South and around the flooding is near TRAX’s Historic Gardner Station west of the river.

Once the water recedes, the city said it will assess any damage on the path and clean it up.