Planning officials object to approval of Park City billionaire’s home

The project was put on a fast track last month when lawyers for Matthew Prince requested final action from the city.

(Park City Municipal) A rendering of the proposed home above the Treasure Hill skyline.

Two Park City planning commissioners objected to the approval of tech billionaire Matthew Prince’s home at a meeting Wednesday.

The commission was tasked with ratifying its action last week, when officials narrowly approved the Prince’s home plans.

During the procedural vote Wednesday, two members of the Park City Planning Commission voiced opposition to the approval process for the project. It was put on a fast track last month when lawyers for Prince requested final action from the city, which pushes the commission to vote within 45 days.

Commissioner Laura Suesser, an attorney who has served on the planning board since 2016, implied the home plans didn’t receive enough scrutiny.

“I don’t believe the commission properly analyzed and went through the appropriate process in processing this application,” Suesser said. “I don’t think the discussion last week thoroughly analyzed the application.”

That was echoed by fellow commissioner and developer Henry Sigg.

“For me there just wasn’t enough empirical data,” Sigg said. “There was too many conflicting statements by some of the important review bodies. And that format that was presented in the last meeting was unfamiliar. And so, on that basis, I object.”

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