Top Stories: Utah’s children are struggling with mental health

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Utah’s mental health crisis starts in childhood

Children in Utah are more likely than kids elsewhere to have an adverse childhood experience or a parent who’s struggling with mental health.

Who gets to live in downtown Salt Lake City?

Will downtown Salt Lake be a playground for the ultra-wealthy, or will it find a way to maintain the diversity, affordability and arts that make it a great place to call home?

Utah has ‘very high’ COVID-19 levels in wastewater, new CDC tool shows

State health officials said Utahns should get vaccinated “now” to protect themselves as cases rise.

As development encroaches on Salt Lake City’s foothills, residents ask, did we need a new parking lot?

The new lot will earn This is the Place Heritage Park extra money, its director said. But it paved over dwindling green space.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. pushes conspiracy theories at Salt Lake City rally

RFK Jr. spoke to a crowd of several hundred Utahns on Thursday night.

Read what Brigham Young and other church, state leaders said about slavery, race

The church prophet spoke vehemently against letting Black men vote, while his fellow apostle said basing such a policy on skin color “is enough to cause the angels in heaven to blush.”