Over 20 LDS Church buildings burglarized across Salt Lake Valley

Authorities said the “rash” of break-ins occurred over the past four days.

More than 20 Latter-day Saint buildings were burglarized across the Salt Lake Valley this week, and authorities suspect the break-ins could be connected.

Herriman police Sgt. Josh Jennings said that the area experienced 22 break-ins since Wednesday but did not have specific timeline on when each church building was burglarized. Some of the buildings were damaged by the break-ins, police said, but the only item of value stolen was a television.

“It’s obviously a pretty good rash of them,” Jennings said. “But at this time, we really don’t have much as far as tips or, or insights on who it might be just yet.”

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who frequent the buildings reported the burglaries, so Jennings said it’s hard to determine when exactly each break-in occurred, since authorities have to rely on who was last in the building, and when members noticed something was awry.

Police responded to break-ins at the following church building addresses, Jennings said in a Saturday email:

  1. 5562 W. 13680 South.

  2. 13122 S. Herriman Rose Blvd.

  3. 40 N. Pioneer St.

  4. 5633 W. 12900 South.

  5. 13381 S. 6000 West (13381 S. Pioneer St).

  6. 13768 S. 6400 West.

  7. 14068 W. Rosecrest Road.

  8. 13003 S. 6400 West.

  9. 12682 Starlite Hill Lane.

  10. 5424 W. Rosecrest Road.

  11. 6719 W. Valynn Drive.

  12. 5623 Mirabella Drive.

  13. 7079 Rose Canyon Road.

  14. 14172 Emmeline Drive.

  15. 5658 Yukon Park Lane.

  16. 14550 Juniper Crest Road.

  17. 6986 McCuiston Ave.

  18. 14398 S. 6400 West.

  19. 5246 Mirasol Lane.

  20. 6593 W. Herriman Blvd.

  21. 12737 S. 6000 West.

  22. 6869 W. Vista Springs.

Anyone with information about the burglaries may contact police at 801-840-4000.