‘Mormon mom TikTok’ star Taylor Frankie Paul reaches plea deal for alleged assault

The influencer was initially charged in March after an altercation with her then-boyfriend, in which her daughter was injured, authorities said.

(Illustration by Christopher Cherrington | The Salt Lake Tribune) Utah content creator and ”Mormon mom TikTok” star Taylor Frankie Paul entered a plea in abeyance Friday to a felony count of aggravated assault, Salt Lake County court records show.

Utah content creator and “Mormon mom TikTok” star Taylor Frankie Paul entered a plea in abeyance Friday related to a February altercation with her boyfriend at the time.

Paul was charged in March after a report of domestic violence on Feb. 17, when Paul’s then-boyfriend called Herriman police to say that Paul had begun hitting him in the presence of her two young children, according to court documents. She entered a plea in abeyance on Friday to a third-degree felony count of aggravated assault, and four other charges were dismissed with prejudice.

The plea will be held in abeyance for three years, at which time the charge will be entered as a Class A misdemeanor as long as Paul abides by the terms of her the plea agreement, according to court documents.

During the February altercation, Paul, then 28, threw her phone and a wooden play set at the man, damaging his vehicle, court documents state. Video of the altercation obtained by police also indicates Paul threw “heavy metal chairs” at the man, as well as kicked him and put him in a chokehold, documents state.

The man told Paul to stop throwing chairs because her 5-year-old daughter was next to him on the couch, but she then threw another chair, which struck the child in the head, the footage indicates. The girl is heard crying after being hit, police said, and a detective was later informed that the child had a painful “goose-egg” injury to her head, court documents state.

Paul was initially charged with aggravated assault along with the four other charges later dismissed: two felony counts of domestic violence in the presence of a child, and one misdemeanor count each of child abuse and criminal mischief, court records show.

According to her plea agreement, over the next three years, Paul must obtain both a substance abuse evaluation and a domestic violence evaluation and complete any recommended treatment. She also must not violate any laws above a minor traffic violation.

Paul will also be supervised by an adult probation and parole officer and will be required to submit to drug testing — and was also prohibited from frequenting places where alcohol is the chief item of sale, according to the plea agreement. She was sentenced to serve one day in jail, with credit for one day previously served.