Sugar House Park’s road is closed as pond overflows

Officials say the park is “working as intended for flood control”

(Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation) Sugar House Park is flooded by spring runoff on April 15, 2023.

Sugar House Park in Salt Lake City had to be closed to vehicles Saturday evening as water levels in the pond continued to rise, overtaking the road.

Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation and Salt Lake City Public Utilities issued the closure around 7:30 p.m. Earlier in the day, they shared photos showing the pond’s water level breaching the edge of the pond.

Parleys Creek feeds directly into the park’s pond.

“Sugar House Park is working as intended for flood control. ... The water levels are growing: that’s on purpose because the park acts as a retention basin to protect people and property,” the parks department wrote in a tweet.

City and county officials also said they have been intentionally redirecting water to Sugar House Park and other detention basins, which they say helps “mitigate and lessen the impacts of spring runoff.”

Officials also warned the public to avoid the water at the park and other areas that are experiencing high water levels due to spring runoff.

Meanwhile, volunteers and workers have been continuing to fill up sandbags to help protect public and private property. Many flocked to Sugar House Park on Saturday morning and afternoon to volunteer.

Also, in Gunnison, the Utah Department of Corrections organized a volunteer effort by Central Utah Correctional Facility inmates to help fill sandbags.

Then at Wasatch Hollow Park, the Salt Lake City Fire Department’s Heavy Rescue Team cleared out a major blockage. They said a large, flat piece of metal was preventing the water flow.

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