New Tribune app offers more news and better experience

The Tribune has launched a new e-edition and app for readers.

The new Salt Lake Tribune mobile app offers a better experience reading the e-edition plus a free live news feed with all the latest essential Utah news and information.

The Tribune is launching a new app for readers to complement the new e-edition that launched about a month ago.

We understand that any changes to part of a daily habit will be an adjustment. Our process for deciding on a new vendor was thoughtful and intentional—responsive to your feedback—and the new app and e-edition offer clear benefits over the old experience.

Before I share a summary of new features, I want to thank The Cumming Foundation, which made this possible by donating to cover the costs associated with implementation.

The majority of current app users will see their app update automatically later today. If you do not have auto-updates enabled on your phone, you can update your Tribune app manually (keep reading for instructions).

What’s new:

  • More access to The Tribune’s award-winning coverage. Sort through stories by section and curate a reading experience tailored to your reading habits and interests, without a subscription. The e-edition and premium stories are still available only to subscribers.

  • The ability to easily share, print and save e-edition stories, access previous editions, download for offline viewing and more

  • Push notifications on major breaking news and all the important stories

  • Streamlined navigation for users on the go: Easily swipe between stories, zoom in to fit your preferences, and share articles with friends and family in the new Salt Lake Tribune app

  • A text-to-speech feature so you can listen to stories aloud as you go throughout your day

  • The ability for Salt Lake Tribune subscribers to login and comment on articles, joining the conversation happening at sltrib.com (coming soon).

The new e-edition experience at sltrib.com and on The Salt Lake Tribune mobile app offers a better reading experience for users.

If you access the e-edition via the daily email, visit the same URL (eedition.sltrib.com) as a logged-in user. You’ll continue to receive the email each morning.

To visit the new e-edition landing page, you can go to eedition.sltrib.com or click on the e-edition links in the navigation bars at the top of sltrib.com (we suggest adding a bookmark for the e-edition).

Or you can pull it up by using The Salt Lake Tribune app. Here is a mini tour of our new app:

How to manually update apps on your Apple device

  1. Open the App Store. Tap your profile icon at the top right corner of the screen.

  2. Scroll to see pending updates and release notes.

  3. Tap Update next to The Salt Lake Tribune app to update our app, or tap Update All to update all of your apps.

How to update an Android app

  1. Open the Google Play Store app.

  2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.

  3. Tap Manage apps & device. Find The Salt Lake Tribune app in the list of apps available for an update.

  4. Tap Update.

If you haven’t used our app before, you can download it from the Google or Apple app stores by searching for “Salt Lake Tribune.”

E-edition users who use only the website won’t have to log in again, but app users will.

Customer support is available at subscribe@sltrib.com or 801-237-2900.

We have a small and mighty team that’s working to be responsive to your feedback as it makes improvements. We are grateful for your patience over the next week or so as we transition.

And we are grateful, too, for your continued support of Tribune journalism. As subscribers and donors, you are helping to build a more informed and empowered Utah.