Salt Lake City police spokesperson back on duty after reporting to work with alcohol in system

Communications director Brent Weisberg was placed on four weeks of paid leave after he responded to work with alcohol in his system, police said in a statement.

(Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune) Salt Lake City police spokesperson Brent Weisberg at a news conference in Salt Lake City on Sunday, Sept. 26, 2021. Weisberg was placed on four weeks of paid leave after he responded to work with alcohol in his system, police said in a statement.

Salt Lake City police communications director Brent Weisberg returned to work Tuesday, about a month after he allegedly responded to a homicide scene with alcohol in his system and was subsequently disciplined, officials announced this week.

Weisberg was breathalyzed Feb. 10 after it was alleged that he “responded to duty, and operated his city-owned vehicle, under the influence of alcohol,” Salt Lake City police said in a statement.

Weisberg’s position as the Police Department’s communications director involves disseminating critical safety information to the public. He has been employed with the department since summer 2021, according to previous communications from Weisberg.

His blood alcohol content was measured at 0.027% — a little over half the state’s legal limit of 0.05%, according to the statement. It is against Salt Lake Police Department policy for any employee to respond to work or operate a city-owned vehicle with a measurable amount of alcohol in their body.

“A subsequent SLCPD investigation found no evidence of alcohol impairment or intoxication,” the statement reads. “Rather, it was determined Director Weisberg had consumed alcohol earlier in the evening.”

Weisberg was placed on four weeks of paid administrative leave during the internal investigation and “subsequent discipline,” according to the release. Officials did not specify what subsequent discipline Weisberg received.

Internal investigators determined Weisberg “did not fail to consider his actions,” but instead “miscalculated the amount of time he needed for his body to metabolize any measurable amount of alcohol before operating his city-owned vehicle and responding to duty,” police said in a statement.

“I take responsibility for my actions,” Weisberg said in the release. “The mere fact that I put myself in this position is personally and professionally disappointing — and I am very sorry.”

Salt Lake City police Chief Mike Brown said in a statement that he has “full confidence” in Weisberg, and that he believes Weisberg will continue to perform his duties “consistent with our department’s core values.”

“While we take this seriously, I appreciate Brent’s full cooperation with the investigation and his immediate acceptance of responsibility,” Brown said in the statement. “With Brent’s return to work, the Salt Lake City Police Department can continue meeting the expectations of our communities.”

Weisberg previously worked as the communications director for the Multnomah County district attorney’s office in Oregon. In his position with SLCPD, he earned about $134,949 last year, not including benefits, according to public salary data.