Listen to the sixth episode of ‘Sent Away’: ‘This Is the Place’

“Sent Away” is an investigative podcast from The Salt Lake Tribune, KUER and APM Reports about Utah’s teen-treatment industry.

(David Fuchs | KUER News) Michelle Westmoreland, seen here outside of her Nevada home, learned from a therapist that her son O’Dayvion had been in an altercation with a staff member at Provo Canyon School. It wasn’t until eight days later that a doctor diagnosed O’Dayvion with a concussion. Utah regulators took no action in this 2016 abuse case and that was common, until recently, when the state hired more investigators to look into allegations of mistreatment at youth residential treatment centers.

Episode 6, “This Is the Place”

How did Utah become a magnet for the teen treatment industry and the tens of thousands of kids sent there? It’s a story of history and culture. And connections.

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